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Lars and The Real Girl - CCCCC

This is one of those movies that seemed to just fall on my lap one day and from the synopsis alone sold me into know this movie was right for me. After watching it it is on my top 10 all time favorites list of movies. The movie is very much my kind of movie. The comedy, the setting, the plot and everything about how it’s delivered. It’s the kind of movie I want to make if I ever got to do it.

I am terrible with remembering names plus I am on a ferry to Victoria, the wifi is the shits and I am doing this to kill time on the way. So I may be vague with everyone else’s names other than Lars.

The movie is about a guy named Lars who is a very quiet and lonely guy, painfully shy he shuts himself off purposely from everyone else. He lives in the garage or whichever behind the house where his brother and his brother’s pregnant wife live.

At this point almost everyone has gotten used to Lars’s shy and evasive ways however his brother’s wife is worried about Lars’s reclusive nature sensing that deep down Lars needs someone, or at least needs people around him. However almost like a reflex action he deters all her methods.

Then one day Lars comes knocking on their door, he has a girlfriend which surprises his brother and his brother’s wife though happily surprised. This quickly turns to absolute shock when they find out that Lars’s girlfriend is a life sized sex doll. Immediately they think he is insane and sends him to their doctor who assesses him.

It is believed that Lars has made out of this doll to live out a delusion that she is a real person has her be the symbol of what he is looking for, a companion.

The doctor decides that Lars is not insane and is just acting out this in order to fill the void in his life and it doesn’t really matter what anyone does he will continue to live it out until he doesn’t need it anymore.

Lars’s brother and his brother’s wife decides to tell the rest of the small town and bring them to their side to go along with Lars and his delusion. Lars being known as the painfully shy but greatly kind soul everyone goes along with it for his good.

With this they start treating the doll like she is a real person, taking her out to live her own ‘life’. This in turn bring Lars closer to others in the community but also through the doll allows the doctor to attempt to help Lars with his troubles being around real people.

But the fact remains that he is in love with a plastic sex doll, not a real person, will he ever let go of his delusion?

I was asked by a friend what movie character would say I am most life, at first I thought about Lars, I decided not to use him because Lars is a very religious guy which I am not. Plus i cant see myself ever having a delusion with a sex doll. However watching this movie is like watching a mirror version of myself.I connected deeply with this film and I still do.

I am not really much of a Ryan Gosling fanboy but I do respect him as an actor. His portrayal of Lars is the best depiction of a loner I have ever seen. Most actors treat playing this kind of character either like a clown or like a monster. Ryan treats Lars like a human being whose past circumstances and traumatic events all built the person that Lars is. I really can’t see anyone else playing Lars except for Ryan. It’s so bad that every time I watch a Gosling movie I feel like I am watching Lars again in the movie.

The support cast is just as good, Ryan’s performance would have made this movie good enough but the fact that everyone else is just as good if not as believable lifts this movie even higher I makes you watch with interest every step of the way, you connect with every character in this file through their believability. I have to believe that everyone who worked on this film is proud of this movie, they should be.

The film is also very well shot, it mixes hand held with steadiness very well and uses hand held appropriately. Whenever we are with Lars the shots are very rigid, no movement and feel like it’s painting Lars into it like he is squeezed into the frame. When he starts breaking out of his shell it feels like the frame gets larger and larger and more free flowing. I think hand held is only really used when his brother’s wife is involved because unlike everyone else in the movie she adds an unpredictability to Lars’s rigid world.

Thinking about it she is very much the mother figure he never had or she at least plays it like she is Lars’s mother because in reality Lara lost his mother when his mother gave birth to her. He never got to know his mother thus never learned about women and wound up learning through his father who apparently became sad and reclusive once his wife died. Lars apparently became his father through osmosis.

This is one of those films I like watching to find new things I mean we all know the plot, we all know how it ends. However for some reason the process remains fresh for me and I am always able to watch this movie as if it was the first time.

Putting myself in Lars’s shoes is easy because they are exactly like mine for the most part. I still get dry eyed and emotional during the scene where Lars is confronted by his brother’s wife who becomes angry and frustrated with Lars when he lashes out about how nobody cares for humor gives a damn. That scene is probably one of my all time favorite scenes I’ve ever seen if not my most favorite of any movie because it is packed with so many things.

There is anger, drama, tension with just a tinge of comedy in it. If you connect with Lars you feel his sorrow and frustration but you also understand where the wife is coming from. You feel the drama but when the doll is brought into it just let’s me smile or chuckle just a little as this heavily dramatic scene progresses. That scene is the crux of the movie. If I could describe this movie, it is that scene.

Bottom line is if you are a fan of Ryan Gosling and indie movies in general you will love this film. The comedy is very dry but once you take a bit it’s very chewy and goes down good if you get what I mean. It’s a film filled with so much charm that handles the situation so well. Directed so well that it is so easy to fall into this world and be carried by it’s wave till it finishes and makes you glad you watched it. I have watched this movie many times and I make it a habit to watch it every year and I still enjoy it as much as I did when I watched it the first time. I give this movie the full CCCCC on the Corey Scale.

Dom Hemingway - CCC3/4

I seen the preview for this movie before watching The Grand Budapest, so weird to see Jude Law play such a despicable character, seemed out of turn for a former heart throb but then young throbs only have few options when they get older, they can either be character actors or they just take their money and retire. Jude Law chose to be a character and if this is a sign of what to expect, his career as a actor is now blossoming.

Doesn’t mean I am not a fan of Jude Law, honestly I never thought much of the guy, just a cute British actor that women fawned over. I did like him in My Blueberry Nights though. Anyways in this movie he sheds all of that away and plays someone quite the opposite, Dom Hemingway.

The movie is about a guy named Dom, a safe cracker, a sleazy angry alcoholic coke head who was caught, arrested and jailed for 12 years paying for a crime that others were apart of but he took sole blame for.

After 12 years he is released and looking to be rewarded for his silence. However a lot has happened in 12 years, lost his wife to cancer, his daughter has grown up and hates him for abandoning her and her mother. 

However Dom just wants his reward but when he gets it he quickly loses it and is basically left with nothing and forced to repair the only things he has left; his daughter and his values.

Make no mistake this is a movie about redemption though a very crooked redemption, a redemption only the characters grounds. The entire movie is about watching an annoying SOB turn more into more of a human being though still a douche bag but then come on we know he survives this.

The movie in of itself is a gangster comedy of the British flavour and it shines just as that. Jude Law carries this film with a extreme amount of swagger, he strips off the cute boy gimmick, gains a few pounds, loses a bit more hair and you have someone who you firmly believes is this piece of shit named Dom Hemingway.

It’s dialogue and plot that make this film what it is as well as Jude, the rep ore between Jude and Richard is very entertaining and have great chemistry. Emelia Clarke I expected to have a bigger role in this movie however her role is fairly short which is sad because I think she could’ve and would’ve brought more to it.

The problems I have with this movie is that this movie feels incomplete, by the end you sort of expect more, while Dom is a litre bit redeemed he is still a piece of shit so it isn’t really much of a change but then how can you expect that guy to change. Either way the film still feels very short, feels like there could have been 30 minutes  added to this movie for a better climax with him versus someone who is very much like him but on a different spectrum, it would have been a great cherry on top of the film but at the end I left it un satisfied.

Bottom line however I thought it was a fun movie and if you are a fan of Jude Law I highly suggest you check this movie out, I think this is the best role he has ever played. If you are a fan of good ol’s British comedy then you will surely get it with this film. However this film will leave with wanting more, that is not really as much of a bad thing but it did disappoint me. I will give this movie CCC3/4 on the Corey Scale

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty - CCCC3/4

Ever watched a movie that after you watched it you said ‘Man, I needed that.’. I have been feeling pretty down in the dumps, lost, lonely, this usually happens when I haven’t seen a GREAT movie in awhile. My movie addiction is pretty extreme. I do watch good movies however it takes great movies to really cheer me up these days.

Today I spent the beginning of my long weekend mapping out my summer to find out I may have to do yet another boring summer in order to have a awesome fall before I hit the big 3 0. It is just a number but I have felt that I have spent much of my 20s working and nothing much of adventure. Walking around the mall looking for a place that could take my portrait for to renew my password and could not find it. I found that The Secret Life of Walter Mitty is out now, reminded that I wanted to see that movie and decided to watch it.

The reason why I described how I feel because this movie is about a guy named Walter Mitty, lonely guy who has spent much of his adult life not living it, mostly working through it. He has a crush on a lady named Cheryl whom he barely knows and likewise. He works as a negative assets manager for Time magazine, they make it out to be a boring job but honestly I think it is a cool job if think about it. He is for the most part the caretaker of film for Shawn O’Connell, Time’s best photographer.

To compensate for a’boring’ life Walter zones out a lot, or day dreams, he imagines in his head scenarios that he wish were true but are not.

Anyways Time magazine gets bought over by a .com company that wishes to make the magazine digital and people will be fired. Shawn delivers the film to Walter with special emphasis on negative 25 which will be the cover of Time mag, the last physical version of Time Mag before going digital.

There is one problem, it is missing. The entire movie is basically about Walter going on a adventure that changes his life. We have seen these kinds of movies before and you know what I am glad they are made, I guess they are made for losers like me because its nice to be inspired sometimes.

So that is the first thing I like about the movie, I connected to it which I needed and wanted to. The story is rather simple and in a way Hollywood cookie cutter but the thing that makes it good is actually what Ben Stiller brings to the movie.

I am a silent fan of much of Ben Stiller’s movies, most of them are silly comedies, comedies that make fun of pop culture but also have a bit of a brain and heart that separates his movies from other comedy movies. That is what he brings to what would be a standard issue Hollywood feel good movie is a head and heart with the typical parody he is known for doing.

The acting in this movie is pretty good from top to bottom, even with the amount of stars in it you forget who they are and believe them in their characters. Maybe a bit hard with Ben Stiller but he plays Walter Mitt very believably, he has always been able to play these kind of timid characters very well. Adam Scott actually is the scene stealer, he plays the biggest douche bag in the movie very well. Kristen Wiig who we all know her comedy chops plays them well but we also know how good of a character actress she is and uses both to her strengths and absolutely charming in this movie, you don’t doubt why Walter day dreams of her all of the time.

Probably the best scene of the movie is the song ‘she sings’ half way through the movie but I won’t spoil it.

Visually this movie looks like it was given all the trimmings of a big budget and it shows, it looks gorgeous, the music choice is also well thought out.

Only problem I have with the movie is that felt too wrapped up too neatly. I mean don’t get me wrong I liked the ending but I felt the movie could have made a bigger statement if…..


Walter didn’t get Cheryl in the end and that Walter just learned to be more than who he is and just get on with his life with more confidence and zest for life but then hey getting the girl in the end isn’t bad either it just felt too neatly wrapped up.


Bottom line is even though I think many critics didn’t like this tim because of its hokeyness and it being too neat and tidy but you know what I don’t care. I liked the movie and got what I needed out of it. It is a good pick me up movie and I needed a pick me up movie. I also feel like watching the movie again sometime soon. If you are a fan of Ben Stiller you should check this movie out. If you are looking for a feel good movie this will suit the bill. I enjoyed it thus why I give it CCCC3/4 on the Corey Scale.

Captain America: the Winter Soldier - CCCC

I liked the first Cap movie however my expectations were not really high for this one. Mostly because I felt the movie was in capable hands to begin with. Marvel has done such a masterful job in creating and supporting their universe from the film perspective. Now they are basically just printing money at the box office and leaving DC Comics in the dust. Why? Because of consistent good production. Name one bad Marvel movie over the last couple of years, ones under Disney/Paramount? None.

So I knew I was going to get a good movie I just wanted certain things from it;

- Closure from the first movie

- More of Cap adapting to the new world that we didn’t get to see in Avengers.

And I got that for the most part, key word most part.

The Winter Soldier picks up after the even of Avengers, Cap is working for SHIELD, still adapting to being in modern day instead of the 1940s. Closing the book on much of his past and looking to the futre. But he doesnt really like what the future holds.

With terrorism running rampant it is hard to tell who the bad guys are anymore. SHEILD designs 3 air ships that can terminate any threat at nearly anytime. This doesn’t sit well with him because who are SHEILD to decide to his guilty or innocent, Cap starts to realize that being with SHEILD may not be in his best interest and that he may not be able to trust them. 

Things get worse when Nick Fury gets attacked and killed by a man called the Winter Soldier and Cap is framed to be the murderer making him a wanted man and all of SHIELD looking for him. Cap must assemble what friends he has and who he can trust to figure out why Nick Fury was targeted, who are the real bad guys and how does The Winter Solider play a part in this.

Make no mistake this is a comic book movie so there are alot of comic book elements in it, the movie is a very well crafted action thrill ride. the movie is praised for being more of a political thriller but to tell you the truth I didn’t really see it that way. I look at the movie as a basic comic book action movie with a good story line behind it.

To tell you the truth the first quarter of the movie was the best part of the movie because I am a guy who likes character driven drama. i wanted to know how him being in 2014 effects his relationship with Carter. I wanted to watch him try to adapt from from 1944 to 2014 so to speak (give or take a year but you know what I mean).

After all that is taken care of the movie is just one big action spot to another and it doesn’t stop. I liked the action but I mean, its action its special effects, the money is on the screen no doubt but it is what it is.

The acting in this film is pretty good from front to back for the most part. Chris Evans owns his role, Scarlet is allowed to finally get to flesh her character out some more same goes for Samuel L Jackson whom despite how many Marvel movies he has been in he has only really had a walk on role in most of them, in this you really get to see more a SLJ as Nick Fury and get him more.

Only problem I had with this film was Robert Redford which was surprising, I thought a guy with his chops would really send this film over but I winded up not being impressed with his performance. He looked like he was just there for the pay cheque and that is it.

Bottom line is if you are a fan of the first Cap movie this movie will fit right in, it’s not better or worse than the first, it is it’s own machine. Its just like another issue of the comic, a continuation of the story that will make you look forward to the next issue/movie. Be rest assured that this a good action movie that does nothing to tarnish Captain America, it’s merely a continuation and of course to sell Avengers 2. I give this movie CCCC on the Corey Scale.

The Grand Budapest Hotel - CCCC

We have seen enough of Wes Anderson’s films to know what you are going to get from him. That is sometimes a bad thing and sometimes a good thing depending on circumstances.

Woody Allen for instance to me is a bad thing because from a story POV he recycles the same things over and over again to where I have found his films unwatchable anymore and I used to be a fan of his. Wes Anderson on the other is good thing because he has been able to jump from one genre to another putting his little mark on it while still sticking to his way of doing things.

We love to watch his movies because he takes us to another world and he makes it so easy for us to do that because it obviously doesn’t look like our world but is something still so familiar, he uses old school methods that we grown up watch (or at least methods my generations and older have used) to grab us like that and draw you in. It’s rather simple. I actually compare him to AC/DC. AC/DC is panned for never changing, almost to the fact that they just make a joke of it themselves because people listen to AC/DC because they know what they are going to get. Every album is different the only similarities is the use of three cords that just changed. Almost every band recycles their riffs in some form of another.

It’s the same with Wes Anderson, throughout the film he uses the same gimmicks and same tricks to lure you in, so why is his films still so appealing? It’s because of his change in genre that keeps things interesting. That is how he keeps his films so fresh in my mind.

The Grand Budapest is a film that jumps around timelines alot to the point where it can be confusing to some. It is centered around Zero. We are introduced to him as an old man. He reminisces about his time as a Lobby Boy for The Grand Budapest Hotel.

The story revolves around him and Gustave. Gustave is the concierge of the hotel and takes Zero under his wing, we learn that Gustave is basically a con man and a gigolo for older rich women who want attention. He is in a more closer relationship with Madame D. When she dies all her family wants to know what their cut of her fortune is. We find out that Gustave becomes the owner of a painting that at that time was priceless. This pisses off Madame’s family and they set to frame Gustave for murdering Madame. Gustave must clear his name, keep the painting safe and find out who really killed Madame D.

The movie is basically a coming of age caper done in Wes Anderson fashion so if you are a fan of Wes Anderson, you shouldn’t be worried about it.

I found the film to be very funny in all the ways that Wes Anderson funny are funny, he really is the master of the awkward funny gags and he puts it to the test in this film in a championing fashion. I would dare say that this movie is probably the funniest of all of his films by the sheer amount of gags in this film. This film is also surprisingly the most violent of his films, while not very violent by today’s standards just very violent in context of Wes Anderson films.

The acting is spot on at every level, when you watch these actors not only do they play their roles well you can tell they actually enjoy and even revel in what they are doing. It seems like everyone now wants to be in Wes Anderson’s world and why not, wouldn’t you? I would. Wes Anderson seems hell bent on taking over all of Hollywood by at some point having his entire cast filled with stars, Moonlight Kingdom boasted a big cast, Budapest sports an even larger cast it seems.

Ralph Fiennes steals the show in this film darling (I had to say it). It’s been a long time since I seen him really put the acting chops. Last movie I seen him really put it to the test was Red Dragon. I would dare say this is his best work since Schindler’s List. He completely engulfs the role to where you forget it’s Ralph doing it.

Bill Murray’s role in this film is actually very small but what scenes he does have he moves through flawlessly in, Bill Murray belongs in Wes Anderson’s world. Those two should be contracted for life to work together. I am sure you agree

The visuals are also top notch, I think costume and set design of this film is probably the best I have ever seen in this movie. Music doesn’t draw attention to itself and the shot selection is very minimal and to tell you the truth I actually liked it that way. So many times it could have been so easily to have so many setups but with this film it all moved so fluidly with one or two setups. The whole effect really sold the environment of the movie.

However the only real problem I have with the movie is the fact that the ending sort of left me puzzled and the film never really seems to pick up any momentum. What I mean by that is that this film never really picks up it just stays at a level and stays there. Mind you still entertaining but at no point did I really feel any tension or true dilemma. Maybe it’s just me but it feels like despite this film being more grander, funnier and just about everything I felt it lacked the sort of punch that my favorites from him did. I felt like he was holding back like he probably could have made this film that much more better. Don’t know how but it I just feel like it could have gone the extra mile.

Bottom line is if you are a Wes Anderson fan you will still enjoy this film, you are merely taken to another place in his world and you just revel in the experience. If you are a fan of any of the actors in it especially Ralph then you are in for a treat. Life Aquatic and Rushmore are still my favorites over this one I think Moonlight Kingdom is better than this one but the film is still worth checking out, it is good enough to stand with the rest of his work but it left me wanting more. I give this film CCCC on the Corey Scale. 

An Oversimplification of Her Beauty - C1/2

Remember when I talked about art films in my Animal review and marked the film as a work of art not in a good or bad way and i mentioned another movie in that review that was a better example? This is that movie.

This a movie that I would consider a work of art, again not in a good or bad way but in means of someone using the visual film medium to express them-self in such a way that I compare it to music, pictures or paintings in the same realm as art. It is a art film, as pure of a art film as you can get, you wont really see a movie like this anywhere (good and bad)

We never know the name of the main character but it is obvious he is the director of the movie Terence. This movie is mainly his psychological outlook on his love life and the breakups he has had and put them into a cinematic experience. That is the only way I can describe what it is about.

Normally I give most movies the 15 min and if it doesn’t hook me I stop and move on and normally dont review it unless I have something bad to say about why I don’t like it. As you can tell I didn’t like this movie but I was compelled to watch it completely for a few reasons.

One that it is a art film and I feel the only way you can really criticize this film is allow it to do it’s thing and once you seen all of it then react, you deserve it to someone who looks like they worked extremely hard to make this film that. Plus I connected with this movie.

Most of the shit I write is centered around my bad relationships with women, if not about them they are fueled by them and its a obvious cliche for most writers to draw from this but this movie shows that one can still be original.

That is what I liked about the movie is that it took a completely scattered way of telling the story and it was honest about it. My rules of film are the same as Cronenberg’s is that the creator sets their rules. If the director tells you what is up and sets up the visual ground rules of the film off the bat it is their job to stick by them and this film sticks by them.

I liked the visuals because it did truly feel like you were diving into the director’s perspective and seeing things from his point of view for good or bad. There were moments of cheapness and hokeyness but those can be passed.

I guess what I did not like about the movie was that it was BORING AS FUCK! It was damn near repetitive at almost every turn to the point where I was more than ready to just stop the movie regardless of the art or hardwork. it did not entertained me, it engaged me because I connected to the subject matter but by the half way point I knew this movie was not going to offer anything and was just looking and hoping this movie would do something drastic to change my mind (plus I had nothing else to do that night) but it didn’t.

Bottom line is this movie is not for everyone, inf act I would have a hard time recommending anyone to watch the movie. Only people who i think could handle this movie are probably people who are looking for a different experience than they normally do with movies, someone who wants to see something original and something that they themselves can take something out that others may not be able to. I think this film was purely for the director as a artistic outlet for him and if it was then good on him and I admire him for it because he has done something I wish I would be able to do. However as a viewer I was bored as hell and I know I will never watch this movie again. I give it C1/2 on the Corey Scale.

Afflicted - CCCC

It’s really hard not to talk about this film without spoiling one thing about it however I believe its not so much of a spoiler that it will keep you away from seeing the movie but you may not get the FULL effect of it. I will try and not spoil as much as I can

I got the full effect, I got to see it for free due to being apart of this group that gives away free tickets to pre screenings. I lucked out and got tickets for this one. I knew nothing about it and for the most part refused to look it up. thought it was better that way and I am glad I made that decision.

Afflicted is about two best friends who decide to do a Euro trip and film themselves doing it 24/7 and blog about it, these two men are Derek Lee and Cliff Prowse (who are the people who directed this film as well). Derek has a head condition that has given him only a certain amount of time to live and he is more fragile now because of it. Derek decides he wants to see the world and have fun before things get serious.

As they hang out in France Derek winds up meeting this girl and winds up getting her into bed with him. Cliff winds up find Derek knocked out and attacked by this woman.

Derek doesn’t want to go to the hospital because if they learn of his condition they will deport him back to Canada (yes they are Canadian and this is a Canadian film YAY!). So they decide to just continue.

However things start to get weird for Derek, first he can’t eat, next he sleeps for most of the day. This affliction goes from being bad to good but then he starts to learn the moral consequences of his affliction which leads him to try and find answers.

I will stop there, I am surprised I didn’t spoil it because it is part of the film for you to put two and two together what has happened to him, half the movie is about guessing what the hell is happening to him and the other half is about following him as he is trying to cope and find answers.

Normally I don’t like horror movies but I have a soft spot for this kind of horror (it is so hard to walk around not saying what it is). The whole Blair Witch Project style actually works for this film, I haven’t seen it been done in awhile. When Blair Witch came out everyone was ripping it off, now I am glad it is it’s own style and its time enough to use it as long as it’s used properly and I think it’s used properly in this film. It helps make things seem as realistic as they can be, it does suspend belief for the most part but yeah….

The acting is surprisingly good for this film, makes sense that these two did it together, you can get the chemistry they have. Derek Lee was probably the one with the most acting chops thus able to do most of the heavy lifting (pun intended for those who seen the film).

I like the style, acting and most of everything in this film, it is even visually pleasing for what it is. 

However like most horror movies like this it doesn’t have much replay value to me, its the kind of experience once and like it because once you know what is going on it is really hard to go on the same ride again, that doesn’t mean it is a bad ride though. I would have paid to see this film if I knew I was going to get something like what I did, instead I got it for free which is a uber bonus.

Bottom line is if you are looking for a original and well done horror movie that tells a good story and keeps you on the edge then I say check this movie out, watch the trailer if you want but I feel if you want the full effect then go and watch the movie without knowing anything about it and you will find it to be very enjoyable. I give it CCCC on the Corey Scale

Animals - CC1/3

When thinking about this movie, art comes to mind, not exactly art as in it is a work of art but as in this film is an example of art film, the artistic side of film that purposely doesn’t follow the conventions that normal movies follow. There is another movie that follows this example for closely that this one, I would say this is more commercial art than the other but I am talking about this one now and will hopefully get to the other later. I am so behind on these movie reviews it’s not even funny.

Animals is not your average coming of age movie, from the poster you can tell there is something off with it and that is what it’s general appeal is.

When I was in Edmonton at the HMV like always I was looking for a ‘diamond’ (if you are a consistent read you know what I am talking about) and I found this one and it the synopsis looked interesting, so I bought it.

The movie from what I gathered is Spanish but the movie bounces from English to Spanish all of the time.

The movie is about a kid named Bol, regular teenager who is a little peculiar, introverted though he has two friends whom are strange in their own way (teenagers, we were all weird and trying to find our niche). Bol has a secret though, he still has an imaginary friend, wouldn’t say its imaginary as it just a stuffed teddy bear that in his mind/imagination talks and interacts with him  named Deerhoof.

They are best of friends and do everything together outside of school. I am going to try and be brief and try not to spoil much plus I found the film to be slightly hard to follow but he lives with his brother who cares for him but is very much the manly guy, when he finds out that his little brother is still talking to a teddy bear he attempts to remove Deerhoof from pol’s life. 

Pol soon realizes that he must part ways with his teddy bear apparently to grow up so he decided to kill him in his own way.

Once he kills his friend he now much find a way to survive without him, and that is where the film really starts to take shape.

He does in his own way grow up as he starts to explore his sexuality as well as other things but losing Deerhoof sort of symbolizes loss of innocence as well as losing a true friend. Regardless of whether the bear is real or not that bear was his anchor, who would hug him regardless of what happened, would be a ear for his problems, the one who could understand, his vent so to speak. Losing his anchor, his support Bol soon dives out of control in areas without support.

I am very torn towards this movie, honestly I found it very hard to follow, while the plot is simple it is the artistic nuances and just confused the hell out of me, maybe they are there to force you to think and rewatch the film and that is fair but I found the film to be so bland that I feel like I dont really need to bother rewatching to the movie to get things I missed. Is till winded up getting the gist of everything.

That is the main weakness of this film is the blandness it really doesn’t do enough with it’s subject matter, i think this film could have been so much more better than it was but instead it fell flat to me.

Visually this film is nice, the SFX in this movie is impressive though its mostly with the teddy bear, very believable.

Acting is passable I think, its hard to gauge acting from other countries because of the language barrier plus Spanish people doing English parts at times just seems, off.

Martin Freeman was a surprise to be in this kind of film, not something you would expect from him, can’t say very much about his performance, he really has a small role, maybe not small but almost pointless role in it. He plays the teacher who seems to be the only one sort of in tune with what is going on with Pol and the student body but still not completely. Makes me wonder why he took this role, The role really doesn’t play to his strengths and there is no real meat to his character. Maybe he just wanted to be apart of it because the plot itself is very interesting. Either way if you are a fan of him you may be disappointed, he plays in the movie but he doesn’t really do anything worth noting.

Bottom line is that this is a peculiar movie that doesn’t really live up to the expectations it set for itself, it has a bit of charm and it delivers its message but it’s fairly boring and bland and really doesn’t hit hard at all. If you are a fan of art films then maybe take a look at this one but I dunno. If you are a Martin Freeman fan don’t expect him to be Martin Freeman. I give this film CC1/3 on the Corey Scale.

Danny The Champion of the World - CCC2/3

Of all the movies I have been wanting to watch in my life this movie was the one that has been the longest of the list. I will probably say this about the next oldest movie but what makes this movie special is the things I would learn about the movie over the years that would encourage me to watch it even more.

Hell even after I watched it I learned something about the movie that intrigued me.

This movie brings some weird childhood thoughts that I will probably bring up because I feel like it.

Starts with where this whole thing started, the book by Roald Dahl.

Before Harry Potter, before Twilight and so on kids from my generation had a few books we would read or love to read. In my generation Roald Dahl, T. S Lewis, Beverly Cleary, Tolkien and Robert Munch. I may’ve missed a few both those were the big ones.

To tell the truth I am pretty angry with how my school system taught literature. Yes much of it was might fault that I always enjoyed movies over books and still do but I firmly believe the way to get kids into reading is to give them books they like or at least curb them. From grade one to six most of the books we read to tell you the truth were of the above and I liked it but from grade 7 to 12 was all dreadful books that put me off books completely. They never once taught Tolkien which pisses me off because I never even heard of Lord of The Rings till it came out in theaters.

Roald was my favorite author as a kid and one of the few you could get me to read, he is still a favorite of mine. Danny The Champion of the World was my favorite as a kid though prior to watching this movie this morning I forgot just about everything about it but as I watched the movie it all came back to me, I may need to reread the book but I found that the movie was pretty faithful.

The story is about William and Danny, what you would call the ideal father and son relationship, Danny was raised solely by his father William and own a small auto shop in a small town. Hazel is a rich man who wishes to purchase William’s property in order to build his own town within his property.

William of course won’t sell, William and Hazel do not like each other. Hazel is the prototypical bad guy in the movie who thinks he can bully or buy anyone who gets in his way so when a poor guy like Danny gets I in his way he will try and get him out of the way.

The movie is mainly about Danny who starting school is going through the motions and getting unfair treatment, seems like every good thing he does causes him to be punished at school. But then that is life, good things often are for others other than yourself and are at your own expense.

There isn’t much Will and Danny can do to go against hazel, merely being there is in a way beating Hazel but one thing William does do to get at Hazel is to pouch in Hazel’s land for food. One day however William nearly gets in trouble by falling into the ditch and nearly getting caught or shot by Hazel, if not for Danny who rescues him.

Hazel knows William is doing it and tries to find anyway he can to get William to lose his property.

William devises a plan that would not only embarrass Hazel but would keep him from making a new town. However he needs Danny’s help to do it.

Make no mistake, this is a family movie, this movie is very light hearted and there is nothing in this film that is hard to follow, it is a very simple story but what makes the film/story so charming is the characters and how colorful they are. I barely remember the book but I do remember faintly enough to remember the parts of it that are shown in the movie (never seen the movie till today).

Jeremy Irons was one of the biggest reasons for wanting to watch this movie because he is one of my favorite actors, his performance in this film I do have to say is fairly bland but then his character really doesn’t have much to do, maybe I say it’s bland because it is compared to most of the characters in this movie. The real surprise was his son who plays his son in this movie, you feel their relationship on screen and both of them bring an exceptional amount of charm that was needed for this movie.

Samuel Irons did seem to overly ham up in this movie but then the story itself is hammy to begin with so it can’t be blamed.

Robbie Coltrane plays the evil guy very well, he doesn’t seem out of place in his character but then he’s a seasoned character action even by this point that he can make believe he is anything he wants you to believe about him.

However the weakness of this film is outside of it being true to the book and well casted the movie looks and feels like a tv movie, which it was but still, felt like there could have been more with this movie than it was. Maybe it was budget and if that is the cast it did extraordinarily well with what it had.

What irks me is that this film can not be found in North America despite having Irons and Coltrane in it. I am sure this film could have been sold on DVD. That is why it has took so long for me to watch the movie.

Bottom line though is if you are a fan of Jeremy Irons, Robbie Coltrane and Roald Dahl books then you will find this movie enjoyable enough to watch and cherish however don’t expect this movie to be outstanding. If you go in expecting to see a TV movie made in the 80s you will be pleasantly surprised that is a little bit better than a normal one; well casted and true to the feeling the book. I think so because while I barely remember the book while watching the movie I was reliving the feelings I felt while reading the book and if the movie can do that then it was adapted properly. I give it CCC2/3 on the Corey Scale.

Upside Down - CCC1/2

I faintly heard of this movie for quite awhile but never knew the movie title therefore could not see it, till one day while watching trailers on a DVD I noticed this movie and was surprised to see Jim Sturgess in it,

He doesn’t really do very many movies, when he does however I have found them to at least be interesting enough to see and this one definitely drew my interest.

More often than not special effects are used in my opinion as a form of laziness or to save money on budget. Makes sense usually but more often than not it also goes to say you really don’t see very many fantasy movies anymore. Not at the level as there were in the 80s. Doesn’t make sense honestly if Hollywood really wanted to get back to making the money they made in the 80s they should start acting like how they did in the 80s and just went for things.

Upside Down is one of those examples of a movie that would’ve been eaten whole in the 80s but can be done now so much more better because our special effects now are a million times better. This is a movie built for special effects where it helps with the story telling. A special effect is only special if you didn’t notice it was there, wish more films went by that tidbit.

Upside Down is a science fiction/fairy tale romance movie, at it’s core it is a love/romance story between two people from two different planets, two different planes of gravity, two different classes….you get the picture.

First i must explain the two planets, one on top of the other. The bottom planet called Down Below is the planet of poor people, Up Above is the planet of rich people who take advantage of the people Down Below. You get the picture, neither are really allowed to interact with each other. Both plents are basically ran by this company called TransWorld which have monopolized both planets to their own benefit.

Adam is man who lives on the Down Below, as a kid playing on the larges mountain on the planet meets Eden (Adam…Eden….yeah) from Up Top on her mountain. They immediately fall in love, duh

What happens is years later other find out that these two meet each other all of the time and they wind up splitting them both, Eden winds up having Amnesia while Adam now lost everything seeks revenge and to find a way to see Eden if she is alive.

Ten years later we find Adam has invented this anti aging cream that gets Transworld’s interest, they hire him. He finds out that Eden is alive and working for them so he agrees to work with them as well. Through them he tries to meet her again.

That is the gist of the movie without spoiling it, it’s Romeo & Juliet with a sci fi twist to a degree. Two people from two different worlds (literally) falling in love and trying to remain together regardless of planes of gravity.

The story itself at it’s core is rather simple and it has to be, i think anything more would have ruined the movie or muddled it too much, the real driving forces of this movie is the special effects and the interaction between the two principle actors. if either or fell on it’s ass the movie would fail.

Thankfully those two things are what keep this film truly afloat, the special effects are marvelous and cater to the film so well. The film looks so seamless and it’s told well enough that you can immerse yourself into the world and have no problem believing in this world. It’s built that way and that is the way it should be. Kristen Dunst whom I never seen look as beautiful as she does in this movie and Jim Sturgess are very believable as lovers in this movie, in fact they appear too much in love.

That is one of the main drawbacks of this movie is it seems like these two people spend more time making out in this movie than anything else, maybe there is a reason behind it (connecting worlds with a kiss) but I felt it was just too much at times, surely they could do more things to signify the same thing without all the kissing. I mean if I was Jim i would find every and all reasons to make out with Kristen too but in terms of the movie I just thought it was too much.

Next is the time logistics which is more nitpicking than anything else, it’s a movie right? But still the burning times are all way too inconsistent. First time it’s maybe 2 hours, next time its a full day, another couple days another time then just a shot time in another before something else happens. I just couldn’t get behind their logic but then its movies.

Another is the chemistry between Jim and Tim’s characters. Tim’s character Bob just comes off creepy and doesn’t seem to flow well with Adam (Jim’s character). Not a knock on the actor I think it’s an assortment of many things; wrong casting as well as story.

Next is the fact that not very much of a story is told, at times it feels too simple, the movie could have done more with more character development, like how Eden and Adam’s relationship developed. We just know then met then few years later they are making out. The film doesn’t make any effort to show courtship or anything it just says they fell in love lets roll and honestly I need more meat on the bones.

Bottom line this is a beautifully looking fairy tale movie set in another world, a futuristic world. Simple enough to get, the kind of movie to watch in the theaters. If this movie got more promotion I figure this movie would have been bigger than it is because this movie looks like it’s cult classic status waiting to happen. If you are a fan of Jim Sturges and Kristen Dunst then you will like this movie. If you are a fantasy or special effects fan then this is worth checking out. If you are looking for an original concept movie then this will tickle your fancy however if you are looking for complexity and a movie that has as meat as it does flash then this may not be your cup of tea. It’s a great looking movie that shows how far we have come with special effects and how at this point there are no boundaries in to how we make movies now which is the way it should be. I give the movie CCC1/2 on the Corey Scale.

The Iceman - CCCC

I couldn’t really tell you what drew me into watching this movie, again I was planning on going to see Grand Budapest Hotel but decided to just stay home, wait till the big crowds at the theater died down and go see it sometime later in the month maybe. Plus I had a LONG list of movies I needed to watch and still do and The Iceman was one of them.

What made me interested int his movie, Michael Shannon for starters, I don’t know, something about that actor is interesting to me ever since I seen him play General Zod, just his presence. Even though the movies I have seen him in he always seemed like it wasn’t a role meant for him. When i seen the trailer for Iceman it looked like something he could rock. Plus when I watched the trailer it just seemed like such a cool movie to watch, something I was in the mood to watch. So why not eh?

The Iceman is about a man named Richard whom from the 60s-80s was a hitman for the Mob and a very good one. However there is more to this man that just being a hired gun for the Mob, it’s about how he got in and why he was so good at his job plus how he handled it. It’s a real character study of a man who really was the Iceman.

Through the movie we learn more and more as to how he got so cold and so emotionless when it comes to death and pain. He also learn that he never really chose to be apart of the Mob it was either find a new job or here is a gun kill that person, circumstances were against him but he made the best of it.

As time goes and he does his job the ones telling him who to kill screw the pooch in their own way forcing to decommission the Iceman forcing him to find another employer. As you would assume, he crosses paths with his employers and his employers know his weakness, his family.

This entire movie is your typical gangster movie to a degree, the main character of the movie is a ‘bad guy’ and you watch his rise and fall and leave it with the bad men always get what is coming to them in the end sort of stuff. However unlike most gangster movies The Iceman in this movie is not really a bad guy, he works for bad people and while killing is wrong everything else about him outside of his job is good. He is a loving husband and father, doesn’t do anything really bad. Even within the killing business he refuses to kill women or children.

In the end it’s those weaknesses that wind up being his demise, working for the mob is not really a safe career to begin with.

First of all the acting is awesome from front to back with a awful lot of surprises. Michael Shannon as the star of the movie owns and carries this film as ruthlessly as his character. Winnona Ryder has gone from a  teen star to a starlet to a Hollywood scandal to a decent character actress, not really a bad way to end up she does her role well. Ray Liotta….well he always does this kind of stuff and there is a reason he continues to be in these movies, Chris Evans is the surprise in this movie. Chris has often played the pompous or egotistical teen/adults as well as Captain America. This role is a departure on many ends and he sells it very well.

Direction was top notch, I liked how the entire film was presented from the lighting, the shot selection and of course the acting as above did good so everything across the board was good there.

Only thing I didn’t really like was much of the 3rd act and the ending, it felt rushed like ok lets just get this over, the ending in of itself was sad and not satisfy-able, I mean it was expected and but even the sad ending was not satisfy-able sad. I felt there could have been more done to wrap up the ending in a more emotional ending.

Bottom line is if you are a fan of gangster movies, dark character dramas and of Michael Shannon you should definitely check this one out as it’s a very well done film. 90% of the film is great, the ending could have been better but with these kinds of movies based off real lives things don’t always end up as wrapped up as you would want. I give this movie CCCC on the Corey Scale.

Rushmore - CCCCC

Could have sworn I reviewed this movie but I couldn’t find it in my archive, not a fan of tumblr’s archive searching system but that is another story. With Wes Anderson’s new movie out and me being too tired to go to the gym on my lunch break (maybe it has something to do with not eating very much lately, who knows) I’ve decided to reminisce on my first Wes Anderson movie and the movie that was my all time favorite from him till Life Aquatic came out or I guess I should say even then this film was #1 till watching Life Aquatic over and over won over the top spot.

However Rushmore I think will always be number two, the fact is I probably wouldn’t have cared to watch Life Aqautic if I didn’t find Rushmore first.

The story behind how I found this movie is this, back when there were still video stores, this was when DVDs in full rotation I believe. I went to Roger’s Video one day looking for the diamond in the rough as I always do to help my cinema fix and notice the cover of this movie Rushmore. It looked very different from the other covers and it had Bill Murray in it. At the time it didn’t look like the kind of movie I normally see him in.

This was always around the time when I was going through my cinema awakening where I was starting to see and study the craft behind movie making and actually be interested in it. To tell you the truth Bringing Out The Dead and Rushmore were my coming out movies if you want exacts.

Picked it up and thoroughly enjoyed it, couldn’t tell you why I enjoyed it and I still can’t to good amount of detail. it’s the reason why i think many flock to Wes Anderson’s movies because it’s its own thing, own world own style yet not. It’s one guy’s view point on the world and on movies as well. The movie in of itself is his world but also his stamp on certain movie styles that in it’s own weird way freshens up the movie.

Rushmore is a ‘love’ triangle movie between three characters (shown in the poster); Max, Herman and Rosemary (I will just call her Rose to keep things quick).

Max is a teenager at a a private school that he won a scholarship to as a younger kid. He happens to be the worst student in school when it comes to grades, when it comes to clubs and extracurricular activities he is in so many it is hard to count and hard to imagine how one man can be involved in so many

Herman is a rich old business man, the rich guy of the city for the most part, unlike most rich old men in most movies this guy is not such a bad guy. You’d figure he’d be like any other bloke down the street if he wasn’t a millionaire. However his life lacks spark now and just isn’t happy anymore. His wife is probably cheating on him, his sons not only don’t like him but he doesn’t like them either, there is no adventure in his life anymore.

Both men wind up forming a friendship, a kinship of sorts, both add excitement and company to each others lives. However both are in love with one woman.

Rosemary is elementary school teacher whom has the affections of both Max and Herman. First max as they both share common interests. You get the gist that Rose is probably Max’s first love or I guess one better way to put it is first crush as she doesn’t like him in that fashion. She sees him as a friend and plus he is boy while she is a adult woman.

Max tries to wheel Herman in to help him snag Rose only winding up making Herman fall for Rose.

What happens is two friends are split apart and go into a childish war against each other.

At the heart this film is a romantic comedy about two boys (one an actual boy and the other a man who is acting like a boy) fighting over one girl. For some reason this whole thing reminds me of that Black Keys music video where the two band members are watching these two boys fight over a girl, after spliting them up they end up fighting for the mother of the girl the boys were fighting for.

Men will do anything for a woman, it’s just a straight fact, when we see something we want we will do whatever is needed to have it, it’s are testosterone driven cave man side that will never go away or if it does we still got generations to go before it goes. I know this feeling very well when I desire a woman yet I have been able to curb it in my own way.

It’s just a entertaining film watching two guys go to war withe ach other and both finding out that their battle is only making things worse for themselves and no one else. A spoiler but I think it’s rather obvious from the get go that it’s Max who has to get over the fact that he can’t have Rose and must get back on the horse and do what he does best and everything else will fall into place.

Sounds like advice I should take quite honestly but I will leave that little bit of personal stuff to myself as this is not the arena for that stuff nor will it ever be.

This was Wes Anderson’s second film and if you look at this film compared to his other films it shows but that is also another reason why I still like it after all these years, it hasn’t really aged, when you watch the film you get the sense that the film maker is learning his craft, learning what works and what doesn’t work. The movie he did after is pretty much of graduation into being a celebrated filmmaker (The Royal Tennumbaums). However he wouldn’t ran with that movie if he didn’t start walking with Rushmore. The film in of itself is like watching Anderson’s style develop.

The acting pretty much takes care of itself if you cast correctly. Everyone forgets that this was the first movie Bill Murray was ever in with Wes. Murray pretty much plays to his strengths and does what he does best. From the film alone you can tell that Wes and Bill are a match made in cinema heaven, both cater to each one’s strengths, likes bees and honey.

The support cast is surprisingly great as well and all done with signature characters actors all doing their part that you can barely notice who they are, you just notice the character and that is all that matters.

Bottom line is if you are a fan of Wes Anderson and Billy Murray then this is a must see film for you but chances are if you are a fan of either of them you have already seen this film. Sadly this is one of the forgotten Anderson films now that he has made so many good ones but this one is a great one to see when he was still learning his craft. While it is dry and at times slow it is very funny when it wants to be, marinated with charm and grace, its a film that leaves you with a smile on your face because you know you watched a good movie. The movie is still one of my personal favorites when it came out and even now thus why I give it the full CCCCC on the Corey Scale. 

Non-Stop - CCC3/4

Originally I went to the theater to go and see The Grand Budapest Hotel but then I under estimated the general public’s love for Wes Anderson. Thankfully there was another movie I was interested in seeing and that was Non-Stop. I can’t help it I have a nasty habit of wanting to watch Liam Neeson kick ass. Guilty pleasure maybe who knows, maybe it’s a guy crush of some sort, why not, I wont deny it.

Non-Stop’s plot is very simple but in it’s simplicity really plays around with you. the movie is about a guy named Bill Marks who is a Federal Air Marshall. He rides planes all the time in order to protect the passengers from a possible terrorist attack. One such thing happens on this one flight.

Bill receives a text message from a unknown person saying that unless that person is paid 150 million dollars into this one account in 20 minutes someone will die, this will keep happening every 20 minutes.

So basically Bill has to figure out who on this plane is doing this which makes this a who done it thriller that in my opinion is done extremely well.

I wont spoil the movie but the movie literally makes you play the guessing game throughout the entire movie and I guessed wrong. I hate being wrong but with movies like this I like the fact that the movie can surprise me and fool me, reinstates my faith that movies can still be magical.

I like how this film literally puts you in the mystery solving mode from the moment you start because that is basically Bill’s job, to always suspect everyone, watch everyone and what they are doing.

The movie plays around with your head the exact way it plays with the Bill character and I love it.

As for the acting well Liam is just Liam, same kind of character he is in Taken for the most part. Julianne Moore plays to gorgeous red head love interest type that brings some sass to the gig. Michele Dockery who is on Downtown Abbey plays the stewardess who actually knows Bill. It’s the support cast of the passengers that carry this film personally. It’s through them that the actual life of this movie shines because they give that little bit of sense that they could be the one but then they could not be. All give reasons to trust and not trust them more so than everyone else.

What I had a problem with in this movie is some of the campiness of the film, especially the ending. The film felt so marvelously crafted for 95% of the film and then to give us such ending is…well it’s ok but I mean it’s like the end of the roller coaster, you had your fun that you almost don’t want it to end or you are always expecting something more but you don’t get it.

The other is the fact that much of the film is cliche, Liam is basically playing his Taken character just more rough edged and alone. Outside of how the whole dilemma is crafted everything else is a cookie cutter Hollywood movie kind of thing.

Bottom line is if you are a fan of Liam Neeson action films this is will be right up your alley, if you are a fan of thrillers and high suspense mystery movies then also give this one a shot. If you are looking for something different from the other Neeson action films then you may not find it with this film. However I enjoyed the ride, will I ever go on it again probably not but these kinds of movies are more for the watch once and enjoy, no replay value. I give it CCC3/4 on the Corey Scale.

Angel - CCC1/3

From the movie poster you may have a fee misconceptions of this movie and you know what that is expected of stuff you can’t understand but then how could under you are in that person’s shoes.

This movie could have been done so wrong and botched up so easily portraying this subject matter as purely exploitative and it could of. Given it was a New World Production which usually means its low budget exploitation film that was what I was expecting yet hoping won’t happen and thankfully this film handled the subject matter correctly while still being a sort of exploitation film.

Angel is about a girl name Molly who on the exterior is a regular 15 year old high school girl, nothing wrong everything normal by day but by night she works the street as a escort. From that alone you may judge her and paint her in a unfair corner and thankfully this movie doesn’t.

Anyways we meet the friends she has who also work the streets in their own way. We meet a fake cowboy who looks a lot like Sam Elliot who goes around like that, a clown who is a wiz with a yoyo doing tricks for everyone, amongst other street performers on the Hollywood Boulevard.

While things appear normal we learn that there is a serial killer hunting down only escorts, so obviously we can put two and two together that this dangerous man will meet up with Molly.

What this turns into is a cat and mouse game between the police and the killer as we learn more and more about Molly, why she does what she does as all the people that she cares about is murdered and taken away from her.

However do not get my wrong, she is not a victim in this film in fact I am pleasantly surprised of how much of a strong female character this character is, especially at the end of the movie when she finally decides to take matters into her own hands.

Make no mistake though, this film is still a exploitation film though it moonlights strongly in the serious film area.

Angel is serious enough to take the subject matter seriously but outside of that it’s still a exploitation film. Has everything people come to watch them for, violence, nudity and that sort of stuff which to tell you the truth really hurts much of the film.

What I mean by that is when the force fed nude scenes come in its almost like they had to do it just to put in a quota set by someone else or something. The action and violence however is fairly warranted but I felt this movie could have done more with more plot development and less exploitation film stuff.

Bottom line is a highly forgotten film which is sad because it’s subject matter is still as current times now as it probably was back then. Teaches a good lesson about judging incorrectly. If you are looking for a movie with strong female characters as well as good support characters you may want to hunt this film down. Of the 8 movie pack I watched this one was the only one worth watching. I give it CCC1/3 on the Corey Scale.

Conan The Destroyer - CCC3/4

After watching Legend of was reminded of my nostalgic love for Conan The Destroyer and Barbarian looking at both Conan movies and how much they differ from each is very strange to me.

Conan The Barbarian was the first movie which was clearly a rated R movie. It had everything the Conan comics had and funny enough when we talk about well adapted comics the Conan movies tend to be forgotten entirely. The Conan movies had gore, sex, killing and sallying on top of all that fantasy you would expect for the setting. The Barbarian gave it all to you in all it’s splendor.

Then The Destroyer came out and watching it again I am confused with what they were trying to accomplish. As a kid I loved this movie because it had more visuals, action and a lot of ass kicking and less involved with a plot. Watching it now I still love it for that but found that the movie seemed to be confused with what it tried to be, either a movie more fitting for kids or a movie fitting in with the original audience that came to see it in the first place, clearly they tried to please both but this is not the kind of movie you want to PG13 after you clearly set the bar with a hard R the first time around.

The movie is about Conan obviously, still a thief, sword for hire who tries to earn money in order to create his own kingdom someday. This time accompanied by Malak who he seems to have met Conan inbetween the last movie and now, he also seems to like eating whatever he likes to steal, namely jewels and rubys and stuff.

He and his friend Malak are ‘summoned’ to a kingdom ruled by Queen Taramis to escort Princess Jehnna to capture a key for which they bring back to the Queen in order for her to resurrect this demon dream god who will grant whomever what the Queen and her friends desire. This way Conan can get his kingdom, his dead lady friend back (who was murdered in the first movie) and he will have ‘happy ending’.

Conan agrees and what he have is a road trip fantasy movie where Conan assembles his group like a Final Fantasy game in order to accomplish the task.

Wont go any further because it will spoil the adventure but in this sequel you get mostly what you didn’t wind up getting in The Barbarian, more magic, action and comedy. This movie is clearly funnier than the first and you get to see how good Arnold actually is at comedy, the drunken scene is still one of the best moments in the movie even as a adult.

The action while less intense as it was in the first is still well choreographed and still exciting to watch. Arnold who plays Conan knows his role and doesn’t need much to really pull it off, after the first, you are already set with him.

The film is basically enjoyable as a whole it is just that this film seems to have a high kid factor which bugs me because the film is still HIGHLY VIOLENT. If they were trying to make this movie kid friendly they failed immediately during the first fight scene with all the blood going everywhere.

This film just seemed to be too light hearted, walking away from the dark edged Barbarian but maybe that was the director’s choice but the fact that there was never another Conan movie after this shows it was the wrong direction.

Bottom line is if you are a fan of the first Conan movie as well as Arnold this movie is still to be watched, while it is not as good as the first this film doesn’t shit on the franchise, this film is just a minor mistep that never took advantage of the fan fare the first movie had. It still has all the element of a fun action fantasy movie. I give it CCC3/4 on the Corey Scale.