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Nymphomaniac - CCC3/4

Only Lars Von Trier could make a movie and if you know anything about this director it should not surprise you that he would make something like this.

I got into his work by accident when I was in Edmonton a couple years ago and found Anti Christ. When I got home and watched it on the floor (didn’t have furniture at my apartment at the time yet) I was completely shocked. Like he was purposely trying to do whatever he could to desensitize me in a very very subtle way yet keep me intrigued. Couldn’t help that I had/have a crush on Charlotte Gainsbourg for a long time because he looks like someone I used to seriously be attracted to years back, who knows.

When Melancholia came out I was fairly disappointed but then I seen it at the theater and learned that his movies are not theater friendly and are better at your home.

Enter Nymphomaniac which seems to be his 4 hour epic, all centered around the life of one.

This movie is about the lady above named Joe, we find her beaten and battered in a alley way. She is found and brought to shelter by a old man named Seligman. He is interested in how this woman got to how she is. Joe then would go on to pretty much tell him her life story for the most part through her sex addiction. Or int his case how her need for sexual fulfillment is very much part of her body and less of an escape like drug/booze abuse is.

I will stop there because there is just so much to cover and much of it is fairly important plot points but be safe to say it’s vintage LVT.

I needed a few days to digest this movie and even still I feel like I need more time. So what can I say about.

I like the message or at least what I think is the message. One thing must be said is this is not a porn or at least I don’t see it as a porn. Because unlike porn the sexual acts are not glorified.

I look at porn as a fiction documentary of the sexual act each time its performed therefore has to be glorified to see everything.

With this movie the sex is sex, nothing is focused, you just see them do it but not for very long. Only enough for you to get the idea of things. That being said it is very graphic sexually especially for a theatrical movie like this.

I feel the message is that women should be as sexually free as men are, while Joe does this and feels bad for it she should feel proud  (this is sort of a spoiler but not really if you are a forward thinker) for being a woman who has for the most part taken control of her sexuality and has no problem using it. While he methods of using many men wrongfully are bad but I mean men do it too. In the end both genders use each other for sex deep down.

Which brings me to the critiques I have for it.


I don’t like the ending, well I mean after thinking about it more I understand why he chose that ending but in the end I feel like it could have been done better or there could have been a better choice. it just felt I spent 4 hours in this and all you give me is Joe gunning down Seligman because he basically used her the same way she would use other men. 

I mean I understand that the message is that women and men are equally horny and equally misuse each other to feel like they can get what they want but I dunno, just seemed so stupid that here is this guy Seligman who seemed to be this one way for 4 hours then suddenly be no better than a 15 year old boy who realized what his erection is for.


First thing I have to talk about is the length of the movie, personally I think 4 hours is way to long for a movie like this, the first half of this movie is full of important stuff but I felt much of Vol 2 was full of dragging BS that could have been trimmed at least to make this a 3 hour movie. Maybe it is just me. I am interested in seeing if a Criterion version is ever made and how much deleted scenes are in this movie, likely it would be a 5 hour movie. 

LVT often likes to drag things to his pace but funny enough for as long the movie is it does movie very quickly so I guess he switches things up in that respect. A very long movie filled with a sped up amount of narrative.

Next is the acting, he always seems to get the most out of people you wouldn’t expect, or he uses people you wouldn’t expect him to use. You got Kristen Dunst in Melancholia; while I never considered her to be a bad actress I never thought she would do something like she did. Then you have Uma Thurman who only has one scene but that one scene she nearly steals the show. Then you have Christian Slater who seems to be acting for once, mind you it is still him but for once you can tell like he is really trying and puts in a very impressive performance. 

There is Shia, now don’t get me wrong I am not one of those bashers but there is nothing he ever did up to this point that really stood out for me. He actually sort of impressed me int his movie, mind you i think another actor could have been better for this movie. A younger Colin Farrell would have ruled this role but Shia is best.

To me the biggest star of this movie is the younger version of Joe played by Stacy Martin who is perfect in her role and I think should be considered for more awards than she probably is because I think she did most of the heavy lifting of this 4 hour movie. She really impressed me in the movie honestly and my god she is gorgeous. Already makes me fantasize about sitting in a train and hoping she would come around asking where the bathroom is.

Then there is the technical star of the movie Charlotte, I can’t say much because for some reason she just seems like the natural choice or face of LVT’s movies, she just seems so right each time.

Outside of the ending there is only really one more thing I don’t like about this movie and that is how they string the narrative along, just felt so generic and corny I think even the director knew it and made it as quick and painless as possible because it was often very quick but still enough to cringe at what it was.

Bottom line though is if you are a fan of LVT then you are basically getting two movies in one, everything that makes him the insane artist he is is in this in flying colors and in it’s glory. If you are a fan of art films that really make you think and talk at the end of it then this is a must see. If you are a fan of the cast then definitely see this because you will see different sides to them that will make you appreciate them more. I enjoyed this movie for what it was and its short comings, this is probably my favorite LVT movie. I still can’t figure out why any need to watch it again. I give it CCC3/4 on the Corey Scale.

Clean & Sober - CCCC

I am a big fan of Michael Keaton, I always have for as long as I could remember. Probably because much of the movies I have grown up watching even up to this point has been littered with him in it. 

He is one guy who has broken one pigeon hole made of him to create another only to sort of break that to where he is where I think he should be and I think even he would agree suits him better, being a character actor.

To understand this movie properly is to understand when this was made. This was made when he was considered a funny man in the 80s. One good comedy after another and he was considered a funny man that everyone felt he probably couldn’t do comedy. However I think we have all grown enough now to know that comedy men and women can do drama just as well as comedy but this was when people didn’t believe it could be done. Keaton did it with this movie and Batman.

This movie is sadly under rated, I would dare say it’s one of the most under rated movies I have ever seen which has so much in it that would surprise people. Michael Keaton in a serious role which would open up the serious roles he would undertake in the 90s, Morgan Freeman before he became……well…….Morgan Freeman. Not that that is a bad thing but there was a time where he was just considered a good character actor and not some sort other thing that he is now which I feel is more of a light hearted joke but I am sure he doesn’t care, VISA pays him very well and he has the stroke to do what he wants to do and good on him.

I find this entire movie is filled with characters at the top of their game taking aim at subject matter few movies do a good job at without going overboard which is substance abuse.

Been raised in Fort McMurray I seen addiction, not as hard as some but grew up with people who had to deal with being isolated 5 hours away from civilization with nothing to do but work yourself to the bone and make lots of money yet there was nothing or nowhere to spend it. Fort Mac only really had liquor stores and pizza parlors. As for drugs, who knows where they got it but with much money you can get what you want.

I am reminded of this movie because I just finished reading A Million Little Pieces which I felt had the same tone as this movie.

Make no mistake this movie doesn’t glamorize anything about the process of getting sober, in all ways the road to do that is much harder than the road to being a junkie and often if you can complete the journey you become 10 times stronger than you ever were probably were before you went down the wrong road. Maybe I am completely wrong because I never did any of that shit but I would like to think I get it in my own way.

The movie is about a guy named Glenn; a real estate business man who lives a very fast life. We first meet him waking up after night of heavy drugs, booze and sex. Wakes up, does a line on a woman’s bum to find out the woman he spent the night with is dead, she OD’d.

When the cops come around there really isn’t anything he can do to escape the fact that everyone now knows he is a addict, except him. The cops want to take him in because he is responsible for the most part of this lady’s death.

At first Glenn admits himself into rehab in order to dodge getting arrested and losing everything. However the only time you can learn to help yourself is when you finally realize you have a problem. It doesn’t take long after that for him to realize he has a problem.

His first and second time in rehab he meets a man who runs the facility named Craig who you can tell has seen this shit ten times over and from both sides. Craig attempts to help him as well as a large group of others through this process.

He also meets two other people who will become major players in his journey, one named Richard (played by a brilliant character actor Emment Walsh) who becomes his sponsor and the other named Charlie who is a addict just like Glenn and someone he falls in love with.

At first Glenn falls for Charlie basically because he is just horny and figures if he just goes with a woman like him and just has a fuck buddy they could get sober together but of course things don’t work out that way.

We learn Charlie has her own reasons for being a junkie which are far more understandable than Glenn and it’s through her journey that he realizes his problems.

I wont spoil this movie however what makes this movie good to me is not the resolution but the journey to it.

There isn’t much surprising about this movie, only that is pretty much states things very honestly, while still holding back to a degree because it is hollywood but still doesn’t shy away from it. What makes this movie a gem to me is the performances from everyone. You rarely go wrong when you cast a movie with nothing but character actors. You quickly forget that Mr. Mom is playing Glenn and you forget and don’t care who is playing him only that you are engulfed in the performance and believe Glenn is this jerk addict who cares about no one but himself.

I especially like the beginning and ending of this movie as it wraps things up very nicely. We begin with Richard who gives you a interesting perspective on addiction at a AA to when Glenn finally does it at the end when he is a changed man.

Bottom line is if you are a fan of Keaton and/or Freeman this is a film you should check out. Even if you are not it is worth taking a look at if you are looking for a well made character drama that doesn’t pull very many punches and tries to be as honest as it can while still being a Hollywood movie. I watched this movie not too long after coming out of film school and I got alot out of it and feel it sucks that movies like this get forgotten. I give this movie CCCC on the Corey Scale.

A Million Little Pieces by James Frey - CCCC


Reading books have become part of my cardio routine, in fact it’s a perfect marriage between forcing myself to put 40 min a day into riding the stationary bike 3 to 5 times a week.

I have a hard time doing cardio because I get bored, I dont like staying in one place for a long period of time and I get lost in my thoughts too much. Reading a book allows me to focus on something mentally while doing something physically.

My friend Rae has been my guide into getting into books, through her I have become a fan of the Ender series. I still feel like I am a beginner with books but I have talked about all this before. Either way I appreciate her help with her picks in books. I am not really looking for reading the books everyone else I know reads I am more interested in reading books that are different but still engaging. This book is one of those kinds of books.

This is a semi fictional autobiography of James during his time as a addict trying to get clean, it his journey to sobriety. 

We find James like we often find most addicts who are finally ready to change as we often we have to truly be at our lowest to finally realize that things need to change. We basically find him barely alive and basically at his lowest point.

His parents then decide to throw him into what is considered the best rehab facility they know of in Chicago. This is where he must remain clean. If he leaves he can’t come back, he must not talk to women (who are in a separate area) and he must basically want to get better without rambling on.

We don’t really need to guess what a rehab place is, I’ve seen enough movies to know what it may look like even though it’s just movies. This book actually reminds me of a movie I may just wind up reviewing today because this book refreshes my mind on that movie because they are very similar. The movie is called Clean & Sober which is a sadly forgotten character drama that had a great cast and has awesome performance from Michael Keaton breaking out his comedic pigeonhole.

It’s funny how it’s been 2 weeks since I read this and I am having a hard time remembering a lot of the characters, i think because there are quite a few characters in this one that I found it hard to keep track.

Thinking about what I liked about the book firstly was the structure, mind you I know nothing about most books but reading this it wake nothing I had seen before and you know what I felt it refreshing and more easier for me to digest through than I think if I was done as regular text.

Next was the characters, all were good and bad and there were no real bad guys because in the end they are all flawed people in there, even the strongest ones. I think the villains for the book at some point is the establishment though you can understand why the rules are there and people usually don’t know what they want.

I am probably just a sucker for it but I found the relationship between James and Lily, the author did a good job of branching them out enough to force me to wait that you could understand why James wants to be around her all of them, maybe its just me being a hopeless romantic who goes gaga over such things.

The book is fairly straight forward though, man goes into rehab, forces himself to get sober and often falls in love and finds a reason to stay sober and clean and rises above. Mind you it’s a spoiler saying there is a happy ending but there are many pitfalls in this book and parts that may shock you.

Either way it’s basically one man’s journey of self hatred, loneliness where he spent most of his life filling the empty spaces in his life with drugs and booze to a guy who winds up having a new direction in his life and there is hope, A feel good story disguised as a rigid tale of rebellion within a rehabilitation center.

Bottom line is I found this to be a good read, the characters are very identifiable and easy to get with, I am not a addict of any kind and I could understand and connect with most of the people, I especially connect with one page in this book which describes how I feel about something but I wont get into it. I just found it to be a good read. I don’t think I would reread it but I got something out of it and glad that I got to read it. I give it CCCC on the Corey Scale.

Salmon Fishing in the Yemen - CCC

This is another one of those movies I found at HMV and for some reason felt drawn to, it was either the title being so random or the fact that Emily Blunt is in it and I am developing a huge celeb crush on her ever seen Edge of Tomorrow (realistic bad ass ladies turn me on what can I say). Plus Ewan is in it and he is usually good as well as Kristen. The plot also seemed fairly original even though has all the trimmings of a typical rom com. I decided to give it a shot.

Movie is about two people basically; there is Alfred who is a agriculture guy and fishing expert, Harriet is a assistant/financial adviser to a rich oil baron from Yemen. This Oil baron I will call him is a avid fisher and wishes to bring salmon to n which is nearly a desert. Sounds impossible right?

Well this entire movie about them making it impossible, while they are doing this Alfred and Harriet get to know each other and well…..you get the idea.

It really is as simple as that when it comes to a rom com, throw some simple plot moving device to bring two people together and you got a rom com but that doesn’t mean its a bad movie.

What keeps this from being a carbon copy rom com that we have all seen a hundred times before is the writing. I really found this movie to have very snappy dialogue that seemed realistic and made sense.

On top of that the acting was pretty much top notch from everyone but in all honesty it was Kristen Scott Thomas who steals the show, she seems to be incredible at playing a bitch and revels in it.

There really isn’t much left to say about this movie, there isn’t anything special with it, its a rom com that has very good dialogue and a premise that is a little original and it’s heart is in the right place.

Bottom line is if you are a fan of Emily Blunt, Ewan McGregor, KST and rom coms that while are very much cookie cutter but adds a little bit of new to it then you will enjoy watching this one night but this is one of those kooky date night movies you watch. I don’t think people who normally go to the regular rom coms that have the regular rom com cats would dig this one I think this is one for kooky couples, I guess because it is a kooky kind of rom com. I did mind it and I watched it alone so that makes me double kooky, I give it CCC on the Corey Scale.

How I Live Now - CCCC

I discovered this movie the way I prefer or desire to discover them, at a video store. When I mean video store I mean a rental store but they don’t exist anymore. Closest I can with that is at librarys but I often don’t have time to go which seems like a hypocrite statement since i have more time to go to HMV instead. Don’t ask. When DVDs were the main format and reasonably cheap to find when you knew how to look (bargain bin) I was more willing to take a chance but with bluray now being the new format and it’s a tad more pricey the chances of me taking chances with movies is lower.

I was looking to buy a movie and I noticed this one and seen that it was directed by the guy who did The Last King of Scotland, that immediately intrigued me and made me wonder where did the guy go. Often when a movie wins that many awards the director is often going to find able employment somewhere so I was surprised I didn’t hear of him since.

Read up about it, about a anti social person….check, post apocalyptic….check, good director…check ok I am in.

Decided to take a chance on it. 

The movie is about a girl named Daisy who suffers from anorexia as well as depression and anxiety. She comes to see her passed away mother’s side of the family or should say her aunt’s family.

She is sort of bitch however this film does do a good job of having you see her side of her bitchiness. While she is a bitch to people you can see how she is thinking and her thought processes behind it, the trick they use I am definitely approve of. We never really know why she has the problems she does, you better get used to that because this is a sort of film that wont bother telling you, it is what it is.

When she arrives we learn something bad is going on, bombings happening all over Europe and be never really know what is going on (again get used to it) all we know is that a war is coming.

Daisy meets her aunt’s family all of whom are completely different to her, all are farm folk, nice, level headed and down to earth, think of the Weasleys, inf act exactly like them. 

The more she lives with them the more comfortable she becomes with them but as soon as things seem to get better with her all hell breaks loose. London is under strike of a unknown military force as martial law is taken. What happens is basically what would happen if your country is at world and you are basically caught in the cross fire.

It’s really hard to explain it any other way without royally spoiling the movie.

What this movie is is basically a movie about a woman whom changes for the better despite all the bad things that happen to her, sort of a what does not kill you makes you stronger. Adverstiy doesn’t build character it reveals it….well that is what I believe but this movie is more adversity builds character in terms of her. In the beginning of the movie she is a total bitch that despite knowing her inner turmoil have a hard time connecting with her but as she develops a way to become better by the end of the you are with her and totally understand her.

I don’t know but there is something about the director of this film that makes this film as well as the other seem so dreamy yet real. He seems to have that effect with his films, at times things feel dreamy and surreal and then all of a sudden things are very vividly real. His style seems to swerve from surreal to brutality which really works in his favor just like Last King of Scotland did.

I have a hard time really pinpointing a weakness in this film, i think it starts a bit slow, well not slow just not well where you wonder why you should follow this main character but as the film develops you are right there with her and you are in it.

I actually like that this film purposely tells you very little of the background however that is often a double edged sword. Sometimes it works sometimes as I learn yesterday watching a show that seemed to be all about showing you stuff but telling you nothing that it doesn’t always work. I think there needs to be direction or particular reason to not explain, this film I think tells you enough just to get by and just expects you to roll with it, I rolled with it and got it because I think explaining certain things too much would not have served the film as well as not saying. Best to leave some things to the audience to put their own beliefs.

Bottom line however if you are looking for a original post apocalyptic movie that goes in places you don’t expect as well as sort of expect then you can get your fill with this one. It’s not the best one out there but if you are a fan of Last King of Scotland and style of that film this film feels like its from the same vein. I give it CCCC on the Corey Scale.

Jack the Bear - CCC2/3


I thought about the top 5 coming of age stories that I liked and realized that this has to be done with two lists. One being a list of movies of this genre I liked as a kid while I was growing up and the other of movies I like now as a adult. I wont get into what i have on either list but I will say Jack The Bear is on the one I liked as a kid.

There is only three movies that have ever made me cry in my life and this one was one of them. What made me cry about this movie as a kid was the part where the main character remembers how he lost his mother. I didn’t care much or remembered much of the movie then as a kid but that particular scene made me cry and want to hold my mom (I was 8 years old at the time). Don’t know why but the scene made the thought of me losing my mom the worst thing ever. I connected with the scene.

Child, teen or adult if you can get me connect to the point where I evoke some sort of emotion then you are doing something only maybe 3% of movies have ever done, that is a good thing.

The thing is Jack the Bear isn’t even that special of a movie, it’s just I will always remember that movie for the fact that as a 8 year old it made me ball. And that is enough.

The movie is about a kid named Jack who lives with his younger brother Dylan and his widowed father John. They are your average family for the most part, at least normal in my opinion. John is a horror movie host on a local television channel and is sort of a local celebrity. They are all basically grieving in their own way the loss of Elizabeth who is John’s wife and Jack and Dylan’s mother.

John is basically a man committed to his work but not exactly committed to his parents, that is rough to say but i mean is a father figure who is missing the mother figure in the household and he is forced to do both jobs.

They try and get by and as they do events as well as life events come around to challenge them. John tries to deal with loss as well as alcoholism to a degree while Jack deals with….well growing up and becoming a man.

A man named Norman comes into the neighbourhood or maybe I should say was already there who plays a negative part in the household’s life. He assumes care of Dexter who is Jack’s friend. Norman is basically a  nazi who basically puts everyone at harm.

I wont say anything else because I will spoil it but there really isn’t much new with this coming of age movie. This movie basically has most of everything you would expect from a coming of age movie, so it’s not that special. I feel what makes it’s special is the cast. I think this movie displays a very under rated acting job by Danny Devito. I think just about everyone does a decent job on this movie though I think at times the kid stretch it to corny levels but if I recall they never cross that line.

You will even be surprised to find Reese Witherspoon in this as a young girl playing the puppy love interest for Jack.

So why do I give it a good rating, well evokes emotion from me, not now as a adult but I can definitely see and remember how it did as a kid. Watching it now I still find it enjoyable and I connect with the movie. If anything it more reflects my childhood than the other movies, with that it only reflects it by 20%. I don’t connect with much coming of age movies, I enjoy them and find pieces but not entirely.

This movie really doesn’t do anything special honestly but I found within all the cliche things around it it is a very original story. The movie doesn’t glorify anyone, everyone feels very real like you know these people from down the road and that is all you can ask for with these kinds of movies.

Maybe I give it a good rating because of the memories and you are probably right but I don’t really care. I do think this is a forgotten gem from the 90s. It’s no Perks of Being a Wallflower but I think it deserves to be seen and talked of more.

Bottom line is if you are a fan of the genre and Danny Devito then I think you should check this one out some time, while it is very generic there are some things in it that make it stand out from others. Sadly it’s a very forgotten movie from the 90s, however i haven’t forgotten it and I doubt I ever will, therefore I give it CCC2/3 on the Corey Scale.

Good movie questions (taken from youcantcallitfroley)

  1. VHS, DVD or BluRay? VHS
  2. Cinema or at home on your computer? Cinema alone
  3. What was the movie that made you fall in love with movies? I always loved movies, right from the cradle but the movie that made me think of the craft behind it was Bringing Out The Dead
  4. Who is your #1 director crush? (because everyone has more than one) as in attracted to that director then Sophia Coppola without question. As in great admirer of work then I don’t know I don’t have a favourite anymore if anyone Wong Kar Wai, how he makes movies is how I want to make them.
  5. If you could have drinks with the cast of one movie which one would it be? hmmmmmmmmm……….I would say X Men Days of Future Past or any of the X Men/Wolverine movies
  6. Quentin Tarantino or Martin Scorsese? Scorsese without a doubt
  7. Favorite B Movie? National Lampoons Last Resort
  8. Favorite film from 2007? Lars & The Real Girl
  9. Comfort film(s)? Life Aquatic, Lars & The Real Girl, Hobo With A Shotgun, Goon, Year of The Carnivore
  10. A film you love for its aesthetic? The Grandmaster
  11. A movie that you hate from a director you love? Cosmopolis
  12. Exploitation Films or French New Wave? Exploitation
  13. Derek Cianfrance or Steve McQueen? Steve McQueen hands down
  14. A movie that made you uncomfortable and why? 12 Years a Slave, how could people of my colour do this or even look themselves in the mirror to believe that that was right. Makes me ashamed.
  15. A movie you regret paying for? Neighbours
  16. Long epics or short indies? Short indies
  17. Cate Blanchett or Kate Winslet? So hard to decide……..I would say Kate Winslet
  18. Least favorite genre? Hollywood Action
  19. A movie you want everyone to know about? Year of The Carnivore
  20. Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings? Game of Thrones
  21. Describe yourself in three films? Science of Sleep, Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind, Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou
  22. A movie you couldn’t watch with your parents? Shame
  23. Favorite sex scene? Terminator
  24. Do you prefer to watch movies alone, with friends or an audience? I prefer to watch alone, I often get antsy with others around
  25. Nicolas Winding Refn or Lars von Trier? Lars because I never heard of the other guy
  26. A movie that portrays your ideal world? Good question, Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind only because I can’t think of anything else and I would like that technology 
  27. A movie that makes you nostalgic? Tank Girl
  28. Cannes or the Oscars? Cannes
  29. Favorite country for cinema outside of the UK, U.S. and Canada? Very good question! I would say Japan or France, I am split between the two
  30. Favorite movie ending? The Color of Money, anti climactic but if you seen The Hustler then watched this movie it makes sense and it doesn’t matter who would have won.

Away From Her - CCCC1/4

I felt like I had time for one more movie review today and tried to figure out what movie it should be, I thought the new X Men movie but over the past while my desire to review hollywood movies is almost nil.

I do these reviews for myself first and foremost but I figure if people do get anything out of them I much rather talk about movies that I feel need to be talked more about. Movies that most people probably haven’t heard about. If i can get anyone to watch these kinds of movies over lets say the new X Men movie then I will do that. I have more to say about these films than those. Don’t get me wrong I love X Men but I mean…..you know. Nothing i say is really going stop you from seeing that movie. I have a better chance of getting someone to see this movie than getting people not to watch whatever hollywood movie out there.

So while taking a leak I tried to think of what movie can I do that off the top of my head I can voice my opinion on and for some reason this movie came to mind. Maybe because of Gordon Pinsent and just recently watched The Grand Seduction and being amazed at how he is still a good actor. He was also good in Away From Her.

I also have some personal connections to this movie that I wont get into but this movie is a perfect example of good Canadian film an dhow i hope Sarah Polley continues to direct films because both this and Take This Waltz are both beautiful movies in terms of story and well everything about them.

Away From Her is about an old couple; Fiona and Grant. Both live in a cottage away from the world though it’s obviously in Canada set in the beautiful winter. Both retired and while both are very up in age both are still very much in love.

However a problem arises, Fiona starts developing Alzheimer’s disease, at first she keeps it from him but of course he figures it out, they try to live with it but it’s obvious that neither of them can really deal with it themselves. It’s Fiona who wants to go to a retirement home for people with that illness in order to keep from Grant getting hurt as well as her for losing her memory of him.

It’s a movie about losing someone methodically and over time.

As charming and lovely as the film is it is also very sad and dark. You see all the wrinkles (no pun intended) their relationship, the good and the bad.

Where the film does center around them dividing it also about the two accepting that they now must be away from each other.

Reminds me of my Aunt Audrey and Uncle Boyd. I always felt like they were my grand parents even though they were just my aunt and uncle, I spent more time with them than my actual grandparents. My Aunt Audrey ended up with with something very similar, I usually know the name but for some reason it escapes me right now. I didn’t get to see Boyd much after that but I always known that those two were always in love and hearing their story reminded me of this movie and vice versa.

It’s a lovely and realistic love story but also a break up story too.

Bottom line is if you are a fan of the cast, Sarah Polley and Love stories that are well done and outside of convention would enjoy this movie. I look at this movie as probably on the top 5 of my favorite Canadian movies list. I give it CCCC1/4

The Congress - CCC1/3

This is one of those movies I went in blind with and didn’t expect to get what I ended up seeing and was surprised in a good way.

All I knew about the movie was just the read up on it which was brief and didn’t really explain the movie very well. If I seen this movie poster I would have thought this movie was mostly differently going in.

It’s weird ho much of a stigma there is with animation as a whole that so many do not believe it is a valid way of story telling maybe I just took in way too much of it when I was in film school that I was a big anime fan and how every time I used an anime reference or which ever they would drop it as if it was invalid. I wont go into it, too tired and too much of a crabby mood to really want to. Only reviewing this because I don’t have time to go to the gym today.

The Congress is about the actress Robin Wright playing herself. Of course this is fiction but it’s very strange that she would do this.

Robin is at the tail end of her career, having had so much potential after The Princess Bridge and Forrest Gump apparently she thrown away her career due to bad choices. Her agent gives her an opportunity to save her career. To do that she must record her entire likeliness onto computer, every emotion, everything. After she does that must no longer be an actress or performer for the rest of her life.

This isn’t much of a choice on that she is ‘forced’ into it due to her circumstances, she winds up doing it.

Fast forward a couple of years and she is much older and she enters this party where everyone is celebrating the likeness of her in a staring in a highly successful movie series. This party however…..well how do I explain it, if full of everyone in cartoon form.

During this whole time technology has gotten advanced to where people can change their likeliness to whatever they want but it is within a animated. Robin seems to be the only one fairly happy with her likeness while everyone around her seems to want to and does look like some one else, many look just like her (younger of course).

Once this whole thing becomes mass produced she tries to fight back.

I wont go any further because I would spoil it but that is the gist of the movie however there is other things with it. It is also about the relationship she has with her children, more in particular her son. Her son is sick and is losing his hearing when we first see him and is getting worse physically. 

First half of the movie is about her coming to terms with time and technology and the second half of the movie is her trying to find her children/son when everyone seems to have turned over to change themselves.

The movie is very much an open form experience that doesn’t follow a basic 3 act structure and that is what works in it’s favor. From the moment that Robin goes animated that this movie wont be running of a typical formula and where ever we are going is basically up to the director who is telling you the story.

I liked the animation and live action cross over though in a way they never cross over, 60% of the movie is animated while the other is live action but it is a neat take on animation and it’s great to seem someone attempting to make animation that isn’t catered to kids or fart jokes and not ripping off anime. It is an adult story told with Western animation.

The acting is perfect for the most part, with the cast of this film it’s really hard to drop the ball you basically let these horses run and they will give you want you need.

Story is probably the most original story I seen in awhile so that speaks for itself but I found it way too confusing for it’s own good sometimes. Where it would just go off on tangents for the sake of it and I don’t like that in films. I like everything that is done to be done for a reason. That isn’t really a good thing some times but if it is not done for a ‘reason’ I would at least like to be able to see it and try to figure out the reason behind it. In this case I felt like I didn’t know the reason and I didn’t get it sometimes.

The other thing I didn’t like about the film was the lack of cross over. I am very much a big fan of Ralph Bakshi films and the animation style of this film screams his style. I was very much expecting a cross over but there never was. Maybe this was a budget thing but I felt it hurt the film quite a bit to me.

This film really makes you think which is something art films should do. So much of the time we see a world judging Robin for making bad decisions for being a failure, fr being nothing yet that seems like a hypocrite statement. She is basically just her own woman, she has made mistakes yes but she is human. In the end she is the only person who is for the most part comfortable in his own skin whether it be drawn or flesh and blood while everyone else whether it be the ones who judge or become in love with her are unable to be comfortable with themselves.

Topics of being comfortable with yourself, life choices, age and time and how you and others chance, self perception. Also makes you think what if this drug was out there.

I would not be surprised if most women who took it would be Marylin Munroe or Audrey Hepburn. Me I would probably be no better though I would do it but haven’t had any time to really think about who I would be…… maybe a young Harrison Ford or James Stewart. Don’t really know to tell you the truth, not really worth thinking about in my eyes.

 Bottom line is if you are looking for a film that is out there then this is a film worth trying out. It’s as dry as most art films, while it is not a talking head either it is a visually stimulating movie that makes you think about what it’s showing you. If you are a fan of Robin Wright then this is a must see because this movie is all her playing herself though fictionalized. I don’t think I will watch this movie again but I got decent entertainment value out of watching it, I give it CCC1/3 on the Corey Scale.

The Grand Seduction - CCC

I am a mongrel in every sense of the word; since I am adopted the only things I know (and want to know) about my blood parents was my mom was German and my ad was French. All I want to know is that I was born and raised in Alberta by Newfoundlanders, or Newfies for short.

To understand this movie is to understand Newfoundland though I feel in a way this movie is very much a movie that shows you that as well as a love letter to Newfoundland (a long over due and needed one).

Newfoundland is very much my second home as Alberta is my true home. 90% of my family lives in Newfoundland thus why I am always there on Christmas since 0% of my family lives in BC.

I am amazed that BC people know very little about Newfies but then it’s no surprising due to the fact they are on opposite ends of the country and that if Newfies go anywhere in Canada it is Alberta because that is where the well paying jobs are.

Again to know about Newfoundland you have to start with when they joined Canada and like every other province that joined Quebec and Ontario, how they got fucked over by those two provinces.

Newfoundland is a province of fisherman, I mean Newfoundland is on a island. When you are often the last to get anything from anyone yet you once had an abundance of fish things tend to work that way. You boat to get there, you boat to make your living there, it makes sense that he area is of fishermen.

I never understood the whole fishing shortage that killed Newfoundland’s economy and made them much like Indians where they basically live off of well fare cheques (not all but many) because outside of fishing they know nothing else and either two poor or stubborn to leave.

One day watching news about it i made a remark about it which really pissed off my dad (who while born in Quebec was very much raised in Newfoundland). My dad is not a angry kind of guy usually but when I made my un informed remark basically saying serves Newfoundland right for over fishing he basically verbally ripped me deservingly.

Telling me about how the reason for it was that Canada didn’t protect Newfoundland’s waters/fishing industry from other countries basically sailing over to their waters and basically fishing for cod on top of Newfoundland (which is NFLD main source of economy at that time). By the 90s it got out of control and nearly killed all of the cod that was there in Newfoundland forcing the Canada to basically shut down the fishing industry in NFLD. Basically meant that killed the economy of Newfoundland left a good portion of the province unemployed. Think Michigan when all of the car building plants shut down.

Newfoundlanders often don’t get angry about much but if you ever want to piss them off, talk about how Ontario and Quebec didn’t support Newfoundland. However when do they really support any part of Canada if it doesn’t benefit themselves first. Not a separatist but I hate how unfair our country is designed from a political standpoint.

So why have I been ranting and talking about this. You sort of have to know this to know The Grand Seduction. Because it is a movie of Newfoundland.

The Grand Seduction is about this little harbor called Tickle Head, a town once a proud fishing harbor now a place that lives off of well fare cheques from the government. The movie is told through the eyes of Murray who is one of these Newfies who used to fish but not just lives life taking whatever advantage he can get.

He finds out that that the mayor was trying to get a oil company to build a environmental plant in their harbor in order provide jobs for their town. However all the requirements they need they don’t have, one in particular being a full time doctor, thus the mayor quit and goes to St. Johns to work.

Enter Dr. Lewis, whom coming back from a Cricket game is caught by a former Tickle Head person (the mayor) who now works as a customs officer for having coke on him. In order to let that slide the doctor agrees to do community work at Tickle Head.

It is here where Murray becoming the new mayor decides to devise a plan in order to seduce Lewis into staying there and signing on full time. There is nothing they don’t do in order to persuade him.

The entire movie is built on an entire harbor town trying to seduce and lie to one doctor to stay there on top of lying to the bank as well as the oil company in order to get them to stay.

With that this movie is filled to the brim with Newfiedom right down to Gordon Pinsent who is Newfoundland most famous actor who steals the show without even trying for the sheer fact that he knows Newfiedom better than anyone because I mean….come on he is a Newfie.

So what about this movie, I look at this movie as a visual tourism promotion for NFLD and I have no problem with that. Newfoundland is a profoundly beautiful province both in summer and winter time but gets no recognition because it’s a poor province and it’s so out of the way for everyone.

This is the first movie based on Newfoundland though made by other Canadians that actually gets Newfoundland right. What by that is the accents. The Shipping News is a better movie but most of the cast outside of……..Gordon Pinsent (obviously) did it properly. It’s hard to do the Newfie accent because it’s so easy for it to be Scottish or Irish, I consider it to be Scottish with a French Canadian twist.

With that said I thought of all the Hollywood actors I have seen try to do it Brendan Gleeson got it the most right which sort of makes sense since he is Scottish so all he really needed to do is tweak it plus I am sure he got the culture more than anyone.

Again i thought this movie was very much a love letter to a place that needs it and that is what i liked about it. Watching it made me miss being there in the summer time.

Those are the good points, the bad points, to tell you the truth there is not very many really bad points. It is your standard issue comedy, it doesn’t do very much else but be what it is. With that being said I thought there was much more room for comedy and for more points to be put that would have made this movie better. I left the movie feeling like while it was alright there could have been more this movie could have done to really make this movie not just a love letter to NFLD and a monument to it showing that Newfoundland is more and better than what people thinks it is.

Bottom line is if you are a fan of Canadian movies you wont go wrong with checking this one out, it’s worth a night’s fun indoors. You will laugh but there isn’t much replay factor in it. If you from Newfoundland be res assured that this movie gets it right. I give this movie CCC on the Corey Scale.

Under The Skin - CCCC1/2

Some films just hit me and I have no idea why they do, from the moment I checked out the trailer to this movie it looked like something I wanted to watch and I had no idea why.

I am not really a Scarlett Johanson fan to tell you the truth, don’t get me wrong though like every other man on this planet I think she is drop dead gorgeous. If I met her at the bar or on the road I would definitely flirt with her or ask her out I knew I had a chance.

It’s funny I say that because feel like this movie must have been a personal project for her. I know that she liked doing Her because it meant that she could play a character  without worrying about people ‘seeing’ her and not a object of sexuality like she is in much of her films. Unlike Megan Fox she doesn’t play roles based on her sexuality in fact much of her character choices are good female roles it is just the stigma of her being a walking sex object or just that when most men see her they see this ultra attractive woman that they don’t see that she is a very talented actress.

Under The Skin now that i have had time to let the movie gestate in my subconscious is very much like why she probably decided to do her or even Don Jon, her way of attacking the stigma around her. She is not the only once who fact but it’s safe to say she is at the focal point of it. This movie tackles it in such a intriguing way in form of a narrative and a way that is really going to detract common film goers and make applauded more by people like me who always likes to see people break out of other people’s perception of them.

Make no mistake though, this is not the kind of movie you go to see to be entertained or at least in the Michael Bay fashion, if you are coming into this to see Scarlett get naked then you shouldn’t watch this movie quite honestly you will probably fall asleep before that even happens. This movie is a art movie in ever sense of the word, at least to me.

Art movies to me are movies that do a completely different thing with their narrative, they structure it in a way that is not like watching a movie like lets say Edge of Tomorrow or the new X Men movie. To describe< either way this movie will test your patience and wrack your brain. it did with me and I enjoyed it.

You can tell if I can go on this kind of tangent that I enjoyed this movie and this is the kind of movie I thrive on watching because movies these generally bore me. You can make a movie as action packed as you want and I will still be bored because I know what is coming. I look for movies that are going to challenge me, challenge how I perceive movies and story telling, change the narrative in ways I never thought of. It’s inspiring to me While my desire to be a film maker is very much dying mostly because I require help I wont get but also because I don’t feel like I can offer anything I would be satisfied with putting out at this point. Watching these kind of movies makes me glad at least some people are able to do it.

Anyways lets get to the movie. Under The Skin is about an alien, or aliens I should say but we focus almost completely on one of them. We never know her name or the names o her fellow aliens. All we know is that this alien assumes the form of a very attractive woman in order to snare men and bring them all to her ‘house’ which is bigger on the inside (tardis plug) where she lures them using her sexuality to draw them naked so she can trap them in this sea of alien water where at some point of another they will be stripped of their meat and bones till all that is left is skin floating in that water.

For much of the movie we find her driving a stalker van trying to pick up men in a way almost a play on of how men drive around picking up women and taking them home to take advantage of them but in this case it is a alien dressed up as a female doing the same thing. I like that comparison, I like it when narratives like this turn tables and make you think of it in a different view.

In the beginning the alien really thinks nothing about what she is doing she merely finds handsome men or just men in particular and does her job. Rinse repeat

However the longer she does it the more aware of herself she become or at least more aware of the skin she is wearing. Upon happenstance meetings with others and stuff of that nature that I wont spoil she becomes more self aware and in her own way wishes to be what these men seem to think she is (without knowing what is under the skin).

I am probably doing incredibly wrong job of describing or selling this movie but I love all of the double entendres this film plays with. If anything I feel it’s Scarlett’s way of switching the tables on us and forcing us to see things from her perspective.

This is for the most part a one person show, it’s all Scarlett as she travels around Scotland, yeah we meet other people but as soon as we ‘know’ them they are already caught in that web and gone and most of them we don’t really feel sorry for. Well maybe that is un true but at least some of them. I know if Scarlett drove by and wanted me to go in the van with her to her house I would probably do it in a heart beat. Its even that that makes me think, would I just go with a stranger just because she is gorgeous, for all I know she is could be a alien looking to take me to her lair and rip me apart till all that is life is my skin. Not a good way to go, it’s something to mull about.

I love coming out of movies and spending the 30 minute bus or skytrain ride thinking about what I watched, maybe wishing I could bring others with me and use shooting the shit over it but this is not a date movie, inf act you would be better off taking your date to a porno before this movie unless your date loves these kinds of movies too. Maybe this is a good way to see if you have keeper. If he or she will sit through this movie with you and enjoy it as much or even more than you then they are a keeper.

You can tell I am not talking about movie persay a much as what I think about it mostly because I think that is what this movie tries to do. The movie in itself is simple, nothing really happens and when it does its after long drawn out situations. Its about showing you a situation and showing it to you over and over again over a long period of time and forcing you to have an opinion of it.

Bottom line is if you are looking for hollywood movie or a narrative that you normally see in most movies then don’t bother witht his one. If you are looking for something different, something that is dry, slow but as thought provoking of a film as you can see these days then maybe give this film a shot. Scarlett Johansson fans? It depends on what kind of a fan you are if you should watch this movie. if you just watch her because she is hot you wont like this movie, if you respect her as a actress or want to see her to see how she deals with the subject matter this film presents then you will get your fill. Me, make no mistake I found this film painfully long and my patience was tried but I was right there with it and took as much info as I could and came out of it feeling like I got what I wanted out of it and looking forward to seeing it again when it comes out on DVD. I give this film CCCC1/2 on the Corey Scale.

Ender’s Game - Book (CCCC1/4) & Movie (CCC)


Here is a funny thing i have decided to review both the book and the movie together. Figure might as well since the process I took with this series is different that it is for other things I do. May as well kill 2 birds with one stone

This was one where I read the book before I watched the movie, reading it made me interested how they could adapt a huge world like this.

I was recommended that I read this book so I decided to.

It’s about this kid named Ender or Andrew Wiggin (no not the basketball player). In the near future this alien species of bugs nearly wipes out the human race if it were not for this fighter pilot who was brave/stupid enough to kill a large space ship that made all the other alien flee.

After the war they decided that in order to fight these bugs or defend themselves against these bug whenever this happens they must be better prepared and train a special leader in order to be be equip to fight this war, the perfect leader. General Graff is in charge of picking this kid and sort of being the puppeteer of the life around this boy in order to shape him into being a supreme leader. The one he chooses is Ender.

Ender is just a little boy who loves his sister Valentine and hates/fears his brother Peter. He is selected to be the one throught he choices he makes that are set up by Graff.

Without spoiling much of the story because story is the process and what this kid goes through in order to become the perfect leader. The choices he makes or doesn’t make, the actions as well as the consequences.

Lets start with the book, I am very finicky with books, unfairly so however I am trying to read more and gain more of a interest because I feel books are a more untapped course of stories that I want to experience, I feel like I’ve nearly blown my wad with movies and they are becoming too short and boring for me. Doubt I will ever quit movies but I want to go into books more especially if I want to write and finish one.

The book really caught my attention and never let go of it, very rare is there a book where I knew what was happening and knew what was going to happen but still was interested ins eeing what happened. That is a weird thing with this book in its structure is it told you what was going to happen before it happened for the most part but in it’s story telling it still made you interested.

This story does what every good story does and gets you attached to the character any way possible because if you can’t your story will die a quick death and I grown attached to Ender and wished to follow him on to his journey.

I found the 3 act structure to be very solid and I really like how things went with it. The villains are multi layered and they change. Peter in particular it could be so easy to make him the Joffrey of the story and for the most part he is, so easy to hate for everything he does but his arc I found was the most interesting and innovative of all the other character. Ender you sort of knew he would come out being the supreme leader I mean lets face it but the changes of all the other character that are made made the story a gem to me.

Bottom line is if you you are looking for a well written sci fi story where every character is interesting and engaging and the story itself never lets up then I suggest the book and give it CCCC1/4 on the Corey Scale.

The movie on the other hand is a different story altogether.

First of all I will say it is still fairly true to the book, the structure is nearly the same and it leads itself to the book in many ways but still fails.

it fails because it cuts out the thing that makes the story strong, the progression of the support characters. We all know Ender is going to become this leader, it is watching the people around him form from one thing to another that is entertaining on top of watching Ender build these relationships with people who will be in his army not to mention his family. The movie completely cuts Valentine and Peter’s story from the book which to me is the left foot to Ender’s right foot if this story was a walking talking human. Cutting out how he builds the relationships with others to where he barely meets one character only to have to meet another and loose the later. I mean that was how the book was but the process was was different. They would be at odds or they would be in battle and that is how their relationships would build.

I think the movie had no time to really do the book enough justice but I feel does it as much justice as it could within a 90 min time frame.This book is more better suited to be a mini series, it would make a great HBO mini series honestly.

With that said I found that this film was nearly perfectly casted top to bottom, everyone took their characters seriously and played them well. Couldn’t have picked a better person to play Graff, Ben Kingsley is a perfect Mazer though Ben could play a spoon and still pull a oscar winning performance. Special effects and how the book was presented visually is very good.

Bottom line though is if you are looking for the movie to be as good as the book then you will be disappointed, the movie only skims the surface of the book. It’s too bad this cast wasn’t put into a mini series and given more time to make it work because it would have worked that way. With that said you can do worse than this sci fi movie, it entertains but besides that if you want the full effect then read the book. I give it CCC on the Corey Scale.

Edge of Tomorrow - CCCC1/4

I never planned on watching this movie to tell you the truth, more than likely for the reasons you would expect. However my good friend Tara wanted to see a movie, I obliged and decided why not. When we got there there was a big crowd and I thought for a minute “All these people to see a Tom Cruise movie?”, no it was for 22 Jump Street.

Its funny how much of a stigma Cruise has now, they call it box office poison. I am one of those people who doesn’t care for Cruise because of his Scientology stuff which in a way is unfair.

Don’t get me wrong you will never see me bash his ability to act, if you don’t think think that guy can act then I suggest you watch Born on the 4th of July or Collateral. I look at him as the Paul Newman of my generation, the great actor who is also a movie star and because he is a movie star he wont get the awards for his chops that he should. Brad Pitt in a way is sort of the same deal. Don’t know who would be the new Newman now though, maybe just having Pitt and Cruise is enough for my generation and this.

This movie is a science fiction story which is something Cruise does alot (given) and despite I trust his taste in for the most part.

This movie is set in the not too distant future, this alien race named mimics comes and nearly wipes out the entire species. However when things look bleak the human win a vital fight which winds up leaving this battle at a stalemate due to the heroics of a lady warrior named Rita.

Enter William Cage (probably the worst hero name I have heard in awhile, seriously, so fucking cheesy), a pompous douche whose job is to basically sell propaganda in order to get people to support the war effort (which seems weird since you would think all humans would be for survival against aliens looking to kill all humans). He is ordered to go down with a troop and document the war effort while being among them, in fear of getting hurt or killed Cage refuses and is then arrested and then forced to go in anyway but this time as a soldier.

What happens is one day and a half of pure hell for Cage, thrown into a barracks that despises him because he is a deserter but because he is thrown into a war he doesn’t know how or want to fight. Ont he flight to the fight they are given a sneak attack for which long story short results in his but also the death of everyone including Rita.

However something happens, instead of dying he wakes up back to the day when he is sent to the barracks. He is forced to basically live the same day and a half over and over again. Think Groundhogs Day in fact it is exactly like that but much more painful.

Cage is no forced to live and die during this time span till he figures out how to not only to change the course of the day he has to live but also the course of the war which are intertwined.

I wont say anything else because that would heavily spoil the movie but this movie is basically the love child of Groundhogs Day and Aliens…….literally.

The movie succeeds without Cruise I think, don’t get me wrong he is good in this movie but think this movie and it’s premise works so well that I think all he needed to do was just come to work and just put in an effort and that would be enough to make this movie work and it does. Emily Blunt who plays Rita plays a brilliantly strong female character. I don’t think anyone can complain about her in this movie. In fact something about her portrayal reminds me of Ripley in the Alien movies. While still strikingly sexy (because Emily Blunt is hot), everything about her is not there to serve looking good, she is there to kick ass and it doesn’t matter to her whether Cage likes her or not. Only suspect scene I think is when Cage meets Rita int he training area, I dunno they make two yoga moves or at least the last one linger on too much that i think it is probably the only fan service you get in this movie. Forgivable

I also like the design of the aliens, so sick I am of aliens that all just look like humanoids or something very close to it. These aliens looks like nothing we have seem before, they are basically a fusion between a octopus, a leopard and a blotch of oil and boy are they fucking dangerous.

I can’t really find much not to like about this movie, the action is top notch and done by a master whose credentials to me are better than most action director’s other there. The acting all serves the purpose of the story which is all you can ask for with this kind of Hollywood movie. Special effects are the best you can see in 2014, whether they hold up years from now who knows.

Bottom line is if you are looking for a action packed sci fi movie where you can at least be allowed to use your brain while being entertained then this is a movie worth checking out. Yeah Tom Cruise is in it but if you can get past the fact he is in it and the Scientology, forge the was one and see him as if none of that ever happened you would come to see he does a good job and if anything plays off everyone’s perception of him. Its a big budget bullshit film that action has a brain and still entertains. I don’t think this film will resurrect Cruise’s career but I think this movie will at least give him more street cred. It’s a great entertaining movie. Built for the big screen and 3D, I give it CCCC1/4 on the Corey Scale.

Evangelion 3.33 - CCCC

I had enough 2 weeks ag, I’ve been looking forward to seeing 3.33 ever since 2.22 came out and that was a couple years ago. It was supposed to come out on bluray In February but due to a large response to see it in the theater they delayed it, here it is June and no word on when it will come out. I wanted to see it dubbed because with Eva I prefer the dub. After hearing the next franchsie Michael Bay will shit on is my beloved Evangelion I decided I needed to watch Eva for….therapy.

Anyone who really knows me knows I love Evangelion. I own all of the VHS of the series, I own the DVDs both the platinium and the collection that came before. I will get the bluray collection whenever it comes out. I own posters of them, i live by certain quotes…yeah it is a big deal.

So  I had decided to watch it. I don’t want to play spoiler here but talking about what happens in this movie in any way spoils it. So I will try and not talk about it…..much. I will tell you enough stuff that it wont ruin the experience. if I do I apologize but quite honestly I think most Eva fans have already seen the movie now anyway.

1.11 was very much a retelling of Evangelion episode 1 to 6, Evangelion 2.22 took pieces of other episodes of the series and twisted it into a different story that by the end it was not like the series at all and in a good way.

3.33 is very much it’s own animal,it goes in a completely different direction from the series, except for one thing.

2.22 ends with Shinji beginning 3rd impact after syncing completely with Eva unit 1 in order to save Rei. He loses control as well as himself within the Eva. How a figure named Kaworu stops him and wishes to meet him.

Anyone who knows the series knows who Kaworu is, he is the last angel.

Fast forward a couple years now, NERV is basically split into the army that still fights angels with Evas commanded by Mistao and much of the NERV gorup that was with her plus some new additions. Then there is actual NERV which just seems to be runned by Gendou and Seele who still has control of all of the rest of the Evas.

We find Auska who is alive and kicking and apparently still young (plot hole that they cover up that because she is a Eva pilot it fucks up her aging process so she is still a young teenager). She winds up fighting a new angel that happens to have Shinji in it. She rescues Shinji from the Angel or I should say Eva. This is a another plot hole that i may need to rewatch the movie to get. I am assuming it is the Evangelion that winded up ascending to space only to fall into earth again.

Once they rescue Shinji he tries to piece together what has happened over the past couple of years but technically he is their prisoner. They strap a collar/bomb to his neck that will be ignited by Misato if he ever pilots another Eva again.

The world is basically in ruin or at least much of what is shown is. so this obviously is in place to sure Shinji doesn’t go AWOL and start a 4th impact.

Shinji break would with the help of Rei who seems to remember nothing of what happened and barely knows Shinji (anyone who knows the series knows why). She brings him to Gendou whom is as distant and cold as ever wishing him to pilot and Eva again  with Kaworu and start 4th impact (I think, this is why I prefer dub, less reading and more visually interpreting what is going on), he refuses.

The movie is basically about Kaworu and Shinji building a trust and friendship between each other.

This movie tries to rectify what I felt was a weakness from episode 24. This movie is basically episode 24 but twisted completely in a different fashion but SPOILER…….results in the same. The real ending of the movie make no mistake continues to chart different territory (literally) than from the series.

With this movie spending most of its time building a relationship I felt that even that was not enough. It took 2 movies for us to build a relationship with Rei that was get enough sense that we understand his mental frame work to do what he does. Auska is a different story because she is such a strong character and continues to get stronger to where while I didn’t like how she was changed in these movies from this movie she is truly becoming a more well rounded character than she was in the series. 

I think this movie doesn’t really do much in Kaworu’s favor in order to sell him in Shinji’s eyes I think. 

How I remember Kaworu being is very much a person though he looks like a boy is very much a alien, his infatuation with Shinji is like someone who is in love with Shinji but also looked to completely understand humanity through Shinji. In this movie I didn’t get any of that and found that this movie seemed to just waste too much time with the two of them sitting beside each other on a piano building a pseudo friendship only for the obvious to happen. 

Again I think I may have spoiled it but honestly as there is with anything Evangelion there is so much to mine with the plot that there is no way you can watch it once and fully get it and i only really had time to watch it once so what you are getting is a review from that account.

To that effect it is hard for me to bash this series because watching it is like being with old friend you love and having fun. The man who created this world directed it and you can tell he knows how everything works and this movie does no dis service to the franchise it merely tells you the same story but in a completely different way but you still go with it. I think if you would have a problem with then its because you are too tied to the original. Me I am just happy to see Evangelion still alive and thriving. Which is probably why I hate the idea of Bay doing his version of this because while he could do the action no problem he is completely unqualified for what makes Evangelion……..Evangelion.

It is not about big robots fighting and destroying shit, its about the kids who control the robots. Pacific Rim tried to do Evangelion but in their own way and ended up failing on every end. I just finished reading Ender’s Game and it reminds me of Evangelion in how it is about this little kids forced to grow up and deal with matters that even the adults and ill equip to handle.

Bottom 3.33 is that it is not as good as 2.22 in my opinion but not b y much it is a continuation of the story that keeps you on the seat wondering what is going to happen next. Everyone progresses in this movie however I felt they dropped the ball on Kaworu. Either way as a Evangelion fan I was satisfied with what I got and further more excited for 4 or I guess 4.44 (don’t ask I don’t know why they number it like that.). I still give this anime CCCC on the Corey Scale.

Godzilla (2014) - CCC1/4

Make no mistake, I know very little about Godzilla or the history behind him which is weird because I have always had some interest in Japanese culture, he’ll for a good portion of my teens I was a anime fanatic but Godzilla is a different part of Japanese culture, one that is more commonly known to people on my side of the world and often more exploited.

2 years ago I watched the last Godzilla movie Hollywood attempted and make no mistake it was terrible. Hollywood is about as good with remakes and adaptions of Japanese culture as I am with talking to women.

However it is safe to say that like me Hollywood may have turned a corner or at least improved.

This movie’s approach to the subject is rather brave but in another way the most logical way to do it. Treating it like a special effects so was what the last one did and it forgot so much about plot that it killed that film dead before it got going.

This movie on the other hand is all about plot and little about the actual monster that is the name of the movie.

I am writing this review while I am waiting for the next of the movies I am watching at the theater today so I will be brief and mostly to the point. However be prepared for SPOILERS.

The movie is centered around 2 generations of families. You have a family whose mom and dad work at a nuclear power plant in Japan. All of a sudden this unexplained disaster happens that kills the mother, fracturing the relationship between the son and dad. This whole thing is to just get you connected to the main characters *wink wink*15 years later the son gets his dad out of police custody because his father believes something happened in that power plant that no one is telling anyone.

What we find out is that what caused the disaster of 15 years ago was a female monster I will just call Cersei because I can’t remember the name off the top of my head. She implanted an egg that would feed off of nuclear radiation from the fall out of that disaster.

When the egg hatches it is a male monster of the same kind of breed I will call Jaime. Why do I call them that we’ll its a GOT reference because these monsters must commit incest in order to further their species (and because I am in a place with bad wifi and a old iPad so I can’t do much reference checking from outside a library). What they feed off is radiation.

The outside factor is Godzilla whom all believe is the enemy except for the Japanese representative of the movie Ken Watanabe. He believes Godzilla is a god and basically the one who protects us from these monsters. It is basically Godzilla fights the monsters while humans have to get over their need for nuclear power.

That is basically the crux of the film is that humans need to stop fucking around with nuclear weapons and how they deal with nuclear waste because they are the merchants of their own destruction to that end more than Godzilla which for all intensive purposes seems to just be one big lizard who seems to look at humans like Mosquitos but does nothing when they fly around and attack them.

Can’t say anything more because it will ruin the film, make no mistake though that this is a popcorn munching movie. It is a movie you watch on a big screen with surround sound and enjoy for what it is because you have to approach him like Superman. He is who he is but also you have to treat him as what he stands for and at least to me it’s the product of humans fucking with nature and nature doubling fucking him/her back.

This movie is more than a brainless movie though, unlike most Michael Bay movies this movie focuses mainly on plot and less about spectacle and saves the spectacle for when it is needed and to tell you the truth that is the way it should be done. In the end movies are about telling stories and while this story is very very simple and uses simple methods to snare you it does stick to its guns and for all intensive purposes treat Godzilla with as much respect as it can for what it is.

Bottom line, i know little about the lure or history of this franchise so all I can really say is that this movie is better than the 90s version in every way. Is it true? I can’t answer that question only to tell you that it takes the monster seriously, doesn’t exploit him if anything I feel the movie is almost a homage to that monster. I watched the movie and I enjoyed it, I won’t need to watch it again but I was entertained. It has plot holes but nothing th at can’t be forgiven in my eyes. I give this movie CCC1/4 on the Corey Scale.